World of Hate: Chapter 9

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Chapter 9:

We walked in the dark forest for hours and my feet were starting to ache.

"Noah maby we should call it a night." He mubled an okay and sat against a tree his eyes closed. He had been so silent ever sense what happened.

"Look whatever happned in there can we please forget about it. I know we both made a mistake and i know you regr-"

"I will forget about it. Becuase it was nothing. It doesnt mean anything to both of us so leave the damn subject alone." I felt like my heart broke when he said that.

Memories of him smiling and us having a great time and this whole adventure went through my mind. I noticed that i love him. Its weird but i did i truly did.

I sat down slowly laying on my side curling up. He didnt even care.

Noahs POV:

I couldnt stand to here her talk. I saw her face go hurt. I just didnt want to here it. Not only did i enjoy it but i loved it it was the best time then she ran off like nothing happned? Why were girls so damn complicated.

After hearing her breathing go light i looked over and saw she was asleep. Her blonde hair covered her face making it look soft and sweet. I smiled knowing she would never be mine.

I had to keep her away. Thats what i had to do. I shook my head the air out of my mouth being seen in the cold weather. Werewolves and angels just didnt mix. Only one man mated with an Angel.

She ended up dying. She was pregant and the baby was eating her insides. She died along with the baby. So werewolves made it a law that you were not aloud to mate with angels.

I closed my eyes. Hearing the wolves howl and soft wind blow in my ear.

Willows POV:

I woke up to see Noah eating the sandwitch that we got from subway.

"Umm not to disturb you but we agreed that we were going to eat that for dinner not breakfast." He looked up his mouth full.

"I was hungry." I laughed see there was my Noah. I took the rest of the sandwitch adn started to eat it. He fell backward trying to get it. I ran behind a tree watching him get up and look around.

"Yumm" I said in the deep voice they use in the Red Robin commercial. His head snapped toward my direction and then 10 second of eating my sandwitch over dralastically. He came running after me.

I took the last bite and ate it in front of his face while his lips tightented and his eyes fixed on my lips. "Soooo good." I moaned.

He wiped manayoise off my lip then shoved me to the ground. "What the crap Noah!!!" While he was having a laughing attack i got up and pushed him to the ground. Using my legs to straddle his hips.

I put his hands above his head and held them there. "Now say your sorry." He shook his head. My lips pursed i got my knee up and placed it right in front of his groin.

"Okay okay im sorry im sorry!" Stammering shoving me off him. I layed on the forest floor looking up tilting my head to the side so i could se him while he sat back.

His hair had grown out and was a little above his eyebrowns. He had a light stubble on his chin and i couldnt help but be drawn to him. He smiled his wonderful smile at me.

We just layed there staring into each others eyes. It felt like time and stopped, just for us. "We better get going." He said breaking eye contact to walk down the forest. I followed him and we walked in silence.

After hours of walking and hours of complaining we came upon a old rustic bulinding. I walked ahead hearing the old woodn steps creek under neathe my weight.

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