Play 44: A Lover's Ghost Kiss

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"Jun, please wake up!"

My eyes opened unwillingly. That voice sounded like Shimada, and I was right. He was panting slightly, looking bothered.

"I'm sorry for disturbing you in the middle of the night and when you are feeling unwell." Shimada proceeded to tell me that the demons had invaded the Shinsengumi headquarters. They must had caught wind that I was feeling weak, and knew I wouldn't make too much noise while in that condition.

I struggled to my feet, much to Shimada's astonishment. "I'll go out."

"I can't let you do that!"

I shook my head. "You don't understand. The demons are here for me. Moreover, I'm sure with Yuri and Eri's help..."

Shimada looked troubled. "Well, the thing is, they are currently not at the headquarters. They just went off searching for a way to get you back."

Seemed like someone had roughly briefed him about my situation. Still, without the twins around, I had to get out of here. I was feeling better now too after sleeping for a long time. I made my way to the door, ignoring his pleas, so he had no choice but to follow me.

Suddenly, Shimada let out a loud groan as he flew across the path, slamming onto the ground like a ragdoll. I stared at the unconscious him in shock before someone stepped out of the shadows.

"Chikage!" I gritted my teeth and backed away, worried about Shimada's condition. I glared at the blonde demon in anger. Before I knew it, he had pulled me to him so that my back was against his chest. I choked, my headache returning as his arm wrapped around my neck.

"Hmph. What sort of business do you have with false demons, hmm?" Chikage's low and flat voice was sending chills down my body.

"None of your business!" I managed to choke out.

Chikage chuckled in amusement. "No matter how much you give to these humans, they will betray you. You've seen those abominations they've created, haven't you?"

"I don't care! Let me go!"

His voice was cold. "What could you possibly hope to gain from them?"

My head hurt. It hurt so bad I wanted to scream.

The arm around my neck loosened, and I realised that I had once again lost control of my succubus powers. Chikage had dodged just in time before he got flung in the air just like I did with Yuri.

"Oh." Chikage smirked as if he just received good news. "Looks like your powers are awakened." He reached for me again, but this time a sword slashed in between us, making sure that Chikage couldn't touch me.

"Breaking into our headquarters, huh? Takes balls, but that fun's over now, pal." Hijikata glared fiercely at the demon, his sword ready to cut.

Harada appeared after him too, and I was surprised to see that...not-so-Harada like expression on his face. He looked at me, grateful that I was safe, and returned to scowling at Chikage. Behind them, Yamazaki and several other Shinsengumi soldiers were running towards us, preparing to assist whenever possible.

"You fools have no idea of her worth." Chikage met my eyes. "She is most valuable when used by a fitting partner."

"I don't understand," I said, my headache going away slightly. "You do know that I'm a succubus right? I'm going to absorb your life energy!"

Chikage laughed. "A demon's life energy can't be compared to a human's. My life energy can hold out for hundred of years even if you absorb it." He looked at the Shinsengumi men. "Can they last that long?"

I glared at him as Yamazaki helped me up. "We need to go now!" He grabbed my hand and pulled me to the nearest door, leaving no room for an argument. Giving me a exasperated look, he pushed me into it, and I fell forward. I braced for an impact to come, but instead I felt something warm and soft underneath me. Maybe it was a futon...?

"Gotta admit, I didn't figure you for this type of girl."

My eyes snapped open, and I stared right into Souji's emerald green eyes. He looked amused, and I felt my face burning up. You can't be serious...!

"Souji!?" I managed to squeak. My head was hurting again.

He chuckled below me. "Didn't think I'd getting pushed down into bed tonight, least of all by you."

"I-It's not on purpose! I--Yamazaki--" I got flustered, and then all of a sudden a loud crash echoed in the room. I looked up to see broken glass all over the floor, and guessed that my uncontrollable powers broke the cups nearby.

Souji knew that I had caused something to break because I just lost control, and he laughed. "Alright, I know." His hand found its way to my head, and I thought it felt familiar. Could he be the one who patted my head while I was sick?

Nay, it couldn't be.

There was silence while I frowned at his chest in anger. This had to be some sort of coincidence--I accidentally confessed to him, then the bridal carry this!? It was too much for me.

"Tell me," Souji started. "How is it? On top of me. Does it feel good?"

I blinked at him, dazed. "I guess it's--" I quickly shut my mouth before I said something I would regret for life. I flushed red as I quickly got off him. "You could have say something about wanting me off you." How embarrassing..."But I'm sorry." I gulped as I began to sweat nervously. "I'm really, really sorry..."

"Hey, c'mon," Souji sighed tiredly. "It hurts me when you apologise so much. Makes me think you hate me or something."

I jerked my head at him. "No, I don't!" I blurted out. "I--" My hands cupped over my big mouth before I embarrassed myself again. Nevertheless, I could tell that Souji knew what I was going to say. I looked at the floor, studying at the patterns on the mat when my chin was lifted.

Souji was smirking. "What were you going to say?"

"I--" My breath got caught in my throat when I realised how close we were. If one of us moved just a little, our lips would bump into each other. Heart pounding loudly, my mind wondered a little as I tried to read Souji's eyes. It hurts me when you apologise so much. Makes me think you hate me or something.

"What do you mean by that?" I asked aloud.

Souji knew what I was talking about, and his smile widened, though it looked a little sad. "You know, if you show me that face, I'm afraid that I might attack you."

I pulled out of my own thoughts. "Huh? What face? Attack?" I frowned in confusion.

Souji sighed, his warm breath brushing against my lips. My heart skipped a beat, and I felt my temples throbbing painfully again. "You are just hopelessly dense, aren't you?" He smiled sadly, and his eyes wandered to my lips. I stopped breathing, suddenly nervous. I knew I was blushing--I felt so hot I could burn into ashes.

I lowered my eyelids as I slowly edged closer, my heart beating so rapidly that it might burst out of my chest. Souji didn't move away--in fact, I thought he was closing in too. I closed my eyes, and could almost feel his lips on mine when he moved away.

"Yamazaki-san's here," he said as if nothing happened. I laughed it off, pretending that I hadn't actually want to kiss him, and true enough, Yamazaki walked in after a few moments, informing me that it was okay to return back to my room now.


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