Untitled Part 1

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Sanyukta is pacing in PG room...from past 40 minutes...in her own thoughts..
She doesn't know what to do...she is hell confused...

She called her best friend /roomie vidushi..who went to her home for some work..

"vidu, I am going to see him directly...to day..finally my dream from all these months is ful filling..i don't know what to do..i am too much happy yet nervous yaar "she screamed loudly on phone

"first take a breath...cool down doll...everything going to be fine" vidu assured her...
"hmm..o,k...what should I wear...first..what about my make up..what if he think I am despo...if I wear I western...
what if he think..i don't have taste in fashion...if I wore traditional dress without makeup" sanyu panicked...

"oh.girl..stop panicking..first cut the call..and.."before vids can speak further sanyu shouted..

"no,u r my only savior..how u can ditch u r bestie..i understand u r not here..but u can advice me ..right..u r my only hope" sanyu pleaded her in choked voice..

"sanyu..don't cut my words in the middle..first stop crying...i want to say cut the phone and open ur lappy..for video call..how can I ditch my bestie..on her first date" vids said

"oh..vids..i love u..."she said exicitedly..."and its not a date..u know..we r just ..umm..meeting each other.."she said in nervous voice..

"oye..cut the crop...he is not just a stranger for u..for me its u r official first date...I know u love him..."vids said..

"hmm"sanyu hummed..while her cheeks adored a hue of pink...
She invited vidushi on a video call..

"stop blushing...save it for him..now show u r dresses..first" vidushi said..
Vidushi helped her in get ready...with dresses..matching accessories..for next 1 hour..

Sanyu wear a white anarkali with golden border..left her hair freely..and she applied light make up..,she put eye liner to her big bright hazel eyes..

Sanyu said "r u sure he will like me..i mean he had seen many girls..there..who r like models...u know I am from a small town..and.."
Vidushi cut her words...

"stop it sanyu..how many times I hav to tell u..if he is a good person..he will surely like u because of u r heart..not some outside looks..and remember..behave u r self before him..don't fake anything.I know u love him a lot..u want him to like u...but.,.we can't force anyone for love..right...,so be a good girl...enjoy u r first date"vidushi said

"yes..i will"sanyu smiled

"all the best,he will have tough time..keeping his hands away from u"vidushi winked at her

"chee..stop vids"sanyu said while blushing..
"o,k...no teasing...but call me after the date"vids said and cut the call..

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