Chapter Eighteen» Meeting Sarah

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An eerie silence fell on us. The one that's so haunting, so chilling that, it makes your bones rattle. As though all the happiness in the world has been sucked out. Leaving only darkness and despair.

Everything before me spinned. All thoughts disappeared out of my mind. Leaving me breathless as I stared ahead of me, looking at Omar, seeing his dark eyes were trained on me.

Nothing was said. Nothing could be said. Everything was announced in that dęadly silence. All I could was glance ahead of me. Not knowing what to do. Or what to think.

Intaking a sharp breath, warm tears singed my eyes. Making me turn around, feeling my heart heavy. My insides turning.

He was talking on the phone with her.
They were still very much in love.

I mentally whispered, feeling my heart heavy as my body shook; feeling my insides turn.

" Naina. You know? " he spoke loudly, his voice echoing across the eerie quiet room. A burning feeling set a the pit of my stomach as I stood still in my spot. Waiting for him to speak, to utter more lies, more deceit. To fool me again.

" I-I didn't know this would happen. It was already planned and then that prıck ran away. I ended up with you. Sarah and I have been together for years" He spoke bitterly, hatred filling in his voice, making me tense.

Turning around. My gaze landed on the man standing in the middle of the room, his eyes swarming with hundreds of emotions. I could see you take a step froward, wanting to justify his actions. Yet he had no need. I was no one to him, in his eyes I was just a mistake.

Even the thought of it, had a chill running down my spine yet I ignored it. Not wanting to break down in front of him.

" You don't have to explain anything to me" I muttered glaring at him, seeing his jaw stiffen. A dark look plastering his features. In an instant his aura immediately changed. The once calm look on his face now turned enraged as he stepped forward. Not believing his ears.

" Careful there" He warned, glaring at me. Swallowing the lump in my throat a hesitant sigh ripped from my mouth. Making me turn around, facing away from him. Not wanting to face him any longer.

" I'm sorry, I'm such a disappointment" I muttered not turning around. Not wanting to face him. Hesitantly I walked towards the door. Feeling hundreds of emotions run through me. My mind swirling with hundreds of thoughts.

How could I be so foolish. Do naive to think this man cared. Be never cared for anyone. Not even the woman who birthed him.

Reaching towards the door handle, my body was abruptly turned around, slamming against the wall. A shriek escaped my lips, feeling a hand reach towards my mouth covering it. Stopping my sounds of protests.

Glancing upwards, a pair of charcoal eyes stared in to my Hazel ones. Seeing them swirl with anger. A dark scowl painting on his features, making me tense. Unsure of his motives. Not understanding what he wanted to do.

" Don't fuckıng talk to me like that. I'm not one of your brother's to stay quiet whilst you say anything you want" He started, his minty breath fanning against my face.

Looking upwards, I glared at the man seeing a scowl on his face. "You don't know me kid and let's face it. You'll have a heart failure if you do" He spat threatening, nearing me causing my hands to fly forward and push the man away. Making him stumble a little. His eyes narrowing.

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