In which Apollo looses horribly (which we all suspected)

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Sooo sorry for waiting so long to update.

Well,  to recap from last time-

HADES- Too bad! We're playing truth or dare! You have to have a poetry contest with Apollo!

NIKE- *brushes herself off* A contest, huh? Well, I guess I could spare a bit of time. . .

             STORY TIME!

ATHENA- *waves hand excitedly* I'll judge!!

 HADES- Alright, Athena will judge! *snaps fingers*

*set of Jeopardy appears*

*Apollo and Nike sit down*

ATHENA- For this first round, I will recite a poem and both of you will answer what kind of poem it is in the form of a question. For example, if I say

I think we all know who the winner will be,

The god of poetry, well, its not he 

you would say . . .

NIKE- What is totally true?

*Ding Ding Ding!*

ATHENA- That is correct! Now for the first question. Er, I mean answer.

HADES- Can the audience answer?

POSIDEN- Can I do an answer? Pretty please? Pretty pretty pretty please with a starfish on top?

ATHENA- Starfish aren't technically fish. They're actually a type of invertebrate, in the phlyum Echinoderms which consists of multicelluar organisms that-

POSIDEN- But can I say the first question?

ATHENA- radial symmentry. They alsodo not have any brains, similar to you, Posiden. Instead, they-

ARES- Well, if she won't shut up about fish brains, I'll go!

POSIDEN- Don't be ridiculous! What do you know about poetry?

ARES- More than you do!

DEME TER- I vote for Ares. He probably knows tons of epics.

ARES- Totally! I can be epic in a lot of stuff!

DEMETER- Uh, not exactly what I meant . . .

ARES- *clears throught and puts on artist's beret*

Blood. So much blood.

Its all around me and covers the lifeless bodies of my enemies.

I feel it run through my fingers like a stream of life, only not really 'cause its . . .

Nevermind. Blood. Its red and sticky and-APOLLO- I know! It's a Hiaku!

*Wa Wa Waaaaaaaaaaa*

ATHENA- I am sorry, but that's incorrect! Nike, would you like to have a guess?

NIKE- How is that a Hiaku? It's obviously an ode, created in a free-style format!


ATHENA- Who broke the buzzer?

*Posiedon looks around innocently*


ATHENA- Fix it!

POSEIDON- Alright I'll fix it

But just so you know, I can

Do a Haiku, too!


NIKE- What is a Hiaku?

ATHENA- Correct!!


*Screen goes black*

*Athena's voice comes out of the dark*

ATHENA- We are experiencing slight technical difficulties at the moment. Please stay tuned for when the author decides to stop procrastinating and actually update once in a while. Thanks, and good . . . whatever time of day it is.

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