Work to Wealth

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Now this what we all want to know, "How do we get wealthy?" Now we don't want to admit that we want to know this art, by and large, simply because we were always taught not to be greedy. And as a Christian we are taught that God Himself despises greed. He also gives many warnings about loving money. But this where the line is drawn, and it's pretty thin, between earning money as a respectable businessman as opposed to a robber baron.

But so long as we know where and how to get our profits effectively and ethically, asking the question will be less of an evil thing to ask. So how do we start? Well, we start with the "Seven Principals". 

1. God made us for work.

I know that this has a religous twist to it, but bare with me... When God mad Adam and Eve in the Garden for the first time and he said that they were to work, he didn't just mean manual labor. He included a "vocation", or a calling to a specific type of work, if you will. Like Adam could have been an arborist and Eve would have been a florist. When God made man, he gave us all a chioce of what we want to be. Like several of you on here, you might want to be an author, or a poet. It doesn't matter.

2. Man owns that what he produces.

Now I know that there are other ways of owning something. You can find it, you can barter for it, you can buy it, you can inherit it, but for now let's focus on this in the scope of production. Whatever we make is a product of our own hard work. Like this book. Granted it is based on the work of a famous minister, but the words that I have typed down are mine to use. And the opinions expressed are my own. Even if I were to build something like a small fort, which I have, it would still be my property and no one would be allowed to touch it without my permission. This is called "Private Property".

3. We need to be able to exchange goods and services, one with another, in markets.

This concept is very simple and I think all of you will agree that this means that we need to have "Free Trade". I get to buy what I want for a certian price, she buys what she wants for a certain price, he buys what he wants for a certain price, and everyone follows suit. We all get what we want because we want it not because of some companies are forcing you to buy a certian product. No. You get what you want beacuse it's something you like. And even though all of this seems fair, it isn't. I'm not saying that we both lose something, I'm saying that we both GAIN something. Think about it, you get the product that you want in exchange for the money they want. We both win in the end!

4. We have to save in order to accumulate capital to be used in more complex production.

This one is simple and yet it is one of the improtant aspects of gaining wealth. If we don't know how to use our money wisely, then how will we be able to run a successful bisniness? The answer is, we can't. If we don't know how to save our money as normal, everyday people, and we want the new iPhone, or laptop computer, or car, and we don't have funds to do so, then it's not the way to accumulate wealth. So we NEED to know how to save.

5. If men work together and cooperate, they can combine their land, labor,and capital to greatly multiply their abilities to produce ever greater and more complex things. Furthermore they can specialize in what they are best at producing.

Now THAT was a mouthful, but allow me to make it simpler. All this principal says is that if people work together and join forces, suppiles, and money, they can make more complex products and that they can hire others who can specailize at a certain part of the manufacturing process. This is called the "Division of Labor".

6. Capital in the form of tools enables us to produce things of greater complexity that we might otherwise not have been able to create.

This one is simple but has a HUGE amout of things that count as tools. From Semis to hammers, from factories to computers, from pens to hydroelectric dams.

7. When goods are mass produced, the increased quantity drives prices down, which enables them, in turn, to be purchased by still more people.

This is the laws of supply and demand in action. When a product is rare and has high quality, the price of it is very high as well. But, if there is more of that high quality product and if it is mass produced, the price goes down.

So let's recap, if we have a Vocation, plus Private Property, plus Free Trade, plus Savings, plus Division of Labor, plus Tools, plus Mass Production, equals going from working to getting wealthy.

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