Falling In Love With My Enemy's Brother (Chapter One)

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Falling In Love With My Enemy's Brother by: Faerie_Writer


Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I had never met him.

Would I have fallen in love with him later? Or would he be introduced to me as the boy that I could only forever hate?

And would I hate him? Hate the boy that I love?

Or what if knew before I met him, that I was going to love him.

Would I have stayed away? Even though I knew I would one day love him more than anything and everything? Would I have stayed away to make my family happy?

Maybe. I had always done that before. I had always sacrificed my happiness for my family.

I had helped get my brother together with girls he liked, even though they were my friends and knew that once they broke up, I would never see that friend again.

I helped my dad run his company. Even though I hated math I was good at it, and though I would rather be like other teenagers my age, who watched movies and hung out together at the mall, I sacrificed that and helped with inventory and stuff, so he could actually come home on the weekends.

I helped my mom plan all those parties, when I couldn't stand the frilly dresses she made me wear, even if I was a girl. I was always more of a tomboy, not that she cared. Or knew.

But it doesn't matter now, whether I would have sacrificed my happiness like every other time in my life, because I didn't. I didn't stop seeing him after we met. I didn't know what would happen, so I kept meeting up with him, and I fell in love.

I wasn't supposed to, that much I know, but I did.

It's too late to change it, and now, that I'm head over heels in love, NO ONE can take him from me. I won't allow it. I'd rather die than be separated from him.

Him. The boy who is now the center of my entire world.

Though my love story starts well before he was ever my center. Before I knew him, and well before I loved him.

It started on a Tuesday. A day that little did I know, was about to become my favorite day of the week. Because Tuesday was the day, that I first met Matt.


Bored. I was bored. That was the only way to describe how I felt this sunny Tuesday afternoon. Bored. As in a feeling of, complete and utter boredom. Though I didn't know why I was bored.

I could be a lot of different things of today. There were plenty emotions swimming through me that I could chose from.

I could be sad that I had lost another friend, a girl named Amy who my brother had just recently broken up with. The boy had a habit of dating and then dumping my friends. He seemed to know they would leave afterword, heartbroken, never wanting to speak to me again. It was as though he wanted me all to himself or something.

Or I could be mad for the fact that SHE had made fun of and beaten me yet again at school. SHE always did that. Tried to be better than me in everything, and SHE usually was. Except in math. SHE couldn't touch me in math.

Also, I could be tired from all the math and dress fittings I had had to do for my parents. Always having to please them got tiring.

Or I could be bored.

Though, now that I think about it bored isn't that bad. It was probably the best option of all of those things.

I rolled over grabbing for my cell phone on my bedside table, caught the view out my window... and growled.

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