Chapter 59

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Robyn's apartment

When she'd arrived home that night he was no where to be found and so she went about her routine of getting ready for bed quietly and alone, all the while wondering where he was and what was keeping him. She crawled into bed without having seen or heard from him, and fought off the urge to call or text him knowing that he didn't like her hovering and wouldn't answer her anyway. She managed to fall asleep, though she wasn't sure how she'd be able to, and woke hours later to the light of the morning sun and the sound of two familiar voices being very argumentative with one another.

"I can't fucking work with a hot head man."

"He tried to kill me. For no fucking reason."

"Which is exactly why we have to proceed with caution innit? If this is the shit he's willing to do for no reason what do you think he'll do if he finds us out?"

"I don't give a fuck."

"Well I do." She sat up at the sound of tiredness in Zayn's voice and she listened more intently. "You've got the book right?"


"And I've got Dread's ear. I can get him in a room for star, if you can get Tomlinson there then we can carry out this plan...and Columbia presented me with an opportunity that can take our proposition to the next level."

She climbed out of bed and went into the bathroom, washing her face and brushing her teeth and hair in an attempt to make herself presentable before throwing a robe on over her pajamas and going out into the living room.

"I just want to take everything away from him, after what he did to Niall-"

"Liam is the reason Niall's in a coma?"

She asked, and finally got them to acknowledge her presence in the room. Zayn scowled as she sat down on the couch, and folded his arms while setting his jaw and settling into a silence.

"Go back to bed Kitten."

" Don't tell me what to do." She dismissed his command easily and looked between the two men who stood before her. "You're in my apartment."

"That's true. Let's talk about this elsewhere ay?"

Harry gestured for Zayn to walk out ahead of him, and Robyn rolled her eyes and sat back on the couch, hardly worried that they'd really go after she said what she needed to say.

"Hopefully the little black book won't be a pile of little black ashes when you come back."

She cooed as she scooped it up off of her coffee table and held it in her hands. They came walking back into the room, looking deeply annoyed.

"Look Miss America, we ain't got no time to be playin no games, get me? This is dangerous business and you ought to go back in the room until it's done like, so you can stay safe and sound."

"I'm in it. Why do I have to keep saying that? I'm in it just as much as either of you; and I deserve a chance to make myself safe. I don't need either one of you to do it for me." They watched her and exchanged weary glances behind her back as she went over to her purse and retrieved her duplicate black book. "I was thinking we could give them this fake book, and keep the original for leverage, since these people have no idea what's in it, and even when Liam knows it's missing he won't be stupid enough to tell them that what they have is a fake. There's so much in this book that could be used to take people down, they'd pay a fortune to get it back...and some others would be so grateful that they'd offer us their loyalty and protection or whatever we needed if we just sent them the pages that concern them."

She laid both books on the table and sat back down, as the men again looked at one another with looks of concern. She rolled her eyes and sighed, not understanding why they seemed so hesitant.

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