Sooner or Later...You'll Want Me Again (preview)

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[AN: Sequel to Sooner or Later...You Won't Resist Me. So if you haven't read the that book, stop now, go to my works, and read that one or you'll be super-sonically (if that's a confused....anywho, please don't jump to conclusion while reading this because for those of you who know me, I don't like being predictable. Soooo with that being said...proceed and enjoy :) ]

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Chapter 1 (story preview)

I wait patiently backstage for my name to be called. This is it. This is yet another moment in my life where I'll have to share with the world what's happening with all my sudden success....not that I'm complaining of course.

"Here she is ladies and gentlemen! Please help me welcome the most talked about superstar of her time, Isyss Dulay!" I hear the host, Kathy Frazier, cue for my entrance right before the crowd starts to cheer.

I gulp. I don't know why I always get nervous like this, I mean, it's not like I'm on one of those game shows trying to win a million dollars or something. I glance towards my assistant/cousin, Andrea, who gives me two thumbs up for good luck.

I give her a shy smile. Come on Isyss, stop acting like a punk and walk out! After those soothing words of encouragement, I inhale before finally moving my feet.

As soon as the crowd sees me, their voices reach a new high of excitement. I smile and wave at them all, glad that their showing me so much love.

I walk over to Kathy and give her a hug. "Look at you, you look amazing!" she shouts over the still raging crowd. She motions to my wardrobe with her hand, causing me to look down as well.

I'm wearing a fitted, yellow, one-sleeved dress along with white close toed heels. I look towards the crowd of maybe a hundred people, give or take. They're all cheering and clapping as they look towards me with grins on they're faces. I love this feeling. I love knowing that so many people admire what I do and appreciate me for it.

Kathy makes gestures for me to take a seat and I do so. "Wow! Listen to this!" she shouts as the crowd is still going crazy. I shake my head shyly with a smile on my face. Sometimes it's hard to believe that people react this way when they see me. Me. Isyss Dulay.

"Please..." Kathy begins, as the crowd begins to calm down. "Please don't sue the show when you go deaf," she jokes, making the crowd laugh. I laugh as well and wave her comment off.

"It's a great welcome. I love this crowd," I assure her and her audience. The crowd begins to roar again, but only for a few seconds. As I'm sitting in the tan chair diagonal from Kathy, a television separating our chairs from each other, I take in her appearance.

Gawd lee, I can't believe I'm on The Kathy Frazier Show! This is the biggest and most popular talk show on television. Today, she's wearing a red, silk blouse with black skinny jeans, along with red heels...not too classy yet not too formal. Her white complexion makes her blue eyes stand out.

"I've been waiting to get you on this show for the longest," Kathy began. My eyes almost widen with surprise.

"I've been waiting to be on your show for the longest," I respond back truthfully. Ever since I started into this business, it's been a mission of mine to be a guest on The Kathy Frazier Show. It's the kind of show that can jump start your career.

"Now, you started out as an amateur model for your aunt...? Am I right?" she asked me with amazement as the crowd listened on.

I nod my head in agree. "And how old were you at the time?" she asked me for verification.

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