"No, no George...well at least not yet. This year has brought in more females than any other year. Fred was one of our five males."

Charlie watched as the young male lifted his head and suddenly arose, giving it's wings a slight flap.

"Now, Fred here is one of our more mellow dragons...comparably. He still has his moments where he'll try and bite, but he's alright around most. We've given him interaction since he hatched, so he doesn't seem all that bothered by humans. Not like the elders though. They really don't like anyone or anything...except food. Anyways, we just noticed the other day that he's begun to blow smoke, so we should be seeing his fire soon enough."

Fred seemed more curious about the two newcomers than they were about him. In fact, all the dragons seemed to take interest in the two bright haired teens.

Greg smiled. "Well, if I didn't know any better, I'd say the dragons have taken a liking to you two already!"

Charlie was a bit more skeptical than the optimistic man.Dragons were known as XXXXX creatures and thus were not trusted. As beautiful and majestic as they were, dragons were still known to kill wizards and muggles. Even the Welsh Green before them, while one of more subdued breeds was known for it's aggression and had been traced back to the Great Fire of London.

Charlie loved dragons, but he knew he had to respect the fact that they were still dangerous creatures.

But of course as he looked over to Anora, she was already closing the gap between her and Welsh Green.

"Anora!" he said under his breath.

"Hold on." she said approaching the dragon slowly. "Charlie, come here."

"Anora, no-"

She grabbed his hand and pulled him along.

The green dragon watched them, but made no movements. Anora lowered herself and just sat there a few ways away from the dragon with Charlie at her side, praying this didn't backfire....no pun intended.

Fred made no step towards them but rather settled back down his eyes still glued to the two.

"Well, " Greg murmured. "That's a first." He scratched the top of his balding head.

"That was absolutely amazing!" Anora squealed as she fell back onto the sofa when they returned from the tour. "I can officially die happy now."

"You're crazy, you know that? Approaching a dragon like that." Charlie shook his head. "You need to build up trust, Anora."

Anora made a face. "Sorry Mum."

"Don't Mum me, I'm looking out for you. Trust me, I'm just as excited as you are. But I can't have you getting hurt." he said from where he was leaning over the back of the sofa looking down at her.

"I won't get hurt, Charlie."

"You said that-"

"I know what I said the last time!" Anora laughed. "But I promise I'll be more careful."

"You better be I-"

There was a tap on the window alerting the two.

"Oh bugger." Charlie said.

"Is that....that's Errol isn't it?" she sighed.

Charlie walked over and opened the window allowing the old owl to drop the two letters it was carrying onto the counter.

Anora walked over and eyed the two red envelopes, knowing all too well that they were howlers. One addressed to her and one addressed to Charlie.

"Well, I guess they found out...didn't they?"

"It appears so." Charlie frowned.

Anora picked hers up from her parents while Charlie gathered his.

"On the count of three?" she said.

Charlie nodded.

"One...two...two and a half....two and three quarters-"


"Alright, alright....three!"

The two sat on the sofa quietly a few minutes later after the howlers had screamed and scolded them, only to set on fire and turn to ash.

Suddenly, Anora began laughing.

"You're laughing, why are you laughing?" Charlie asked trying to hide his smile.

Anora shrugged. "I don't know."

The laughter became contagious between the two.

"Do you regret coming out here?" Charlie finally asked her as the laughter died down.

Anora leaned her head back on the sofa and looked over at him.

"No, I don't. Not at all. I think this is the beginning to an amazing adventure and I'm glad I get to experience it with you, Charlie Weasley."

"Well, there is no other person that I could imagine sharing this experience with, Anora Forney."

A/N: Couple of quick notes.

If you are just reading this book, I thought I ought to mention to those that didn't know already, but this book is tied in with Tightly Knit {Fred Weasley} book. And eventually those two books will intertwine for the third book where everything will come together.

Also, prepare for time skips in this book because events have to unfold and we have a lot of time to go through :)

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