Chapter Eighteen

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"Mornin'!" Greg greeted as he walked in through the door of the kitchen. "Did you two sleep well?"

"Well-" Anora started but Charlie elbowed her in the ribs.

"Yeah we slept great." Charlie told him. "This is a great place."

"Why thank you!" Greg smiled, " we try to keep all the places up to par for the workers."

"Up to par-" Anora was elbowed again. "Stop that!" she hissed at Charlie as she rubbed her side.

"Are you two ready to see some dragons?"

The two nodded eagerly.

"Then let's roll out!"

As Greg led the way through the mountainous terrain, he hadn't stopped speaking since they left the home. Anora shot Charlie a look, who only made a face at her in return.

"Alright, we're coming up on our hot spot. This is normally where a lot of the dragons gather, especially when they're feeling parched. Come here, don't be shy."

Anora peered over the brush as Charlie helped her up onto a boulder and gasped at the sight.

Dragons of all colors and sizes were roaming around near a large body of water. Their scales flickering as the sun shimmered down on them.

"What do you see?" Charlie called as he climbed up. Anora leaned over and grabbed his shirt pulling him up and pointing out.

"I..." Charlie froze. "Whoa."

Greg watched the young adults as their eyes were wide in astonishment at the creatures.

"They're beautiful, aren't they?" Greg said.

The two nodded.

One of the dragons, immediately caught Anora's attention. 

"Charlie, look, it's a Romanian Longhorn." she said turning his head in the direction. The dragon was easily identified with it's dark emerald scales and it's two distinct golden horns that glittered in the light. "Oh she's so lovely."

Charlie saw Anora take a step forward but immediately pulled her back.

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves Anora."

"But...I want to touch badly." Anora said with an expression of angst.

Greg chuckled.

"Well, why didn't you just say so? Follow me!"

"We're going to go touch one?!"

"Yes, but not any of these guys, you're going to have to work your way up. But we have some juveniles who can't even breathe fire yet, so we should be alright."

Anora grabbed Charlie and shook him by the shoulders. "We're going to go touch a baby dragon!" she screeched.

When Greg arrived to the next clearing, a mischievous grin appeared across his face as he caught sight of one breed of dragon in particular. Anora glanced over at him and followed his eyes.

'Charlie, don't you dare!"

"It's a Hungarian Horntail!"

Greg didn't understand the story behind Charlie's amusement and Anora's frustration with the breed but he nonetheless brought them closer to one of the dragons. 

Knowing the aggression that Hungarian Horntails were known for, Charlie was relieved when Greg brought them over to a Common Welsh Green dragon who seemed at rest.

"This is one of our males. Fred."

Anora bursted into laughter making Greg confused.

"Oh I'm sorry, but that's just perfect." Anora said. "I can't wait to tell Fred about that back home. Please tell me you have one here named George as well."

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