Chapter Seventeen

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Once Charlie and Anora met several of the sanctuary workers, they were shown to their living quarters which consisted of a similar hut to the one they had met Nicola in. It was small, a couple of beds, a small kitchen and a nice little common area to rest.

Greg asked them if they needed anything and when they declined, he allowed them to settle in for the evening. Tomorrow morning, they would be able to see the dragons, up close and personal.

Charlie set his bag down on the wooden table in the kitchen and looked over to Anora who was walking around slowly eyeing everything with Iggy by her side. She hadn't said much since their arrival and the meet and greet. And Charlie could only hope that she wasn't second guessing the trip.

"You've been awfully quiet for awhile." he said removing some of his belongings from his bag.

"There wasn't much to say, Nicola didn't let anyone speak during the entire meet and greet." she said.

"I think she meant well, but she does seem rather eccentric."

"That's an understatement." Anora said under her breath.

"Are you okay?" he asked her walking over to where she stood in front of the small fireplace.

"I'm fine." she answered. "Just....I don't know...this is all just really weird right now."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, I've been so used to either being at home, at the Burrow or at Hogwarts. You know, never really being far from anyone if we ever needed anything. Now, it's just us out here with all these strangers."

"So, you're scared?" Charlie said with a slight grin.

She looked over at him with a scowl. "No, I'm not scared. I was just saying that it's different."

"Well, of course it's different." Charlie smiled." That's the best part about all this. Working with dragons isn't the every day norm, Anora. You know that. And that's why it's so perfect."

A small smile dawned her features as her face softened.

"I'm thrilled about the dragons, Charlie. I'm not so thrilled about Nicola calling me Frostbite....I haven't heard that name since first year at school."

"She called you Frostbite? When?"

"When you were occupied with your muffins." Anora told him as she sat down in front of the fire allowing Iggy to rest in her lap.

"I didn't hear her say that. She shouldn't have Anora-"

"Let's be real, Charlie. I'm just going to stand out here the entire time because of how I look. She called us you think that's an appropriate adjective for someone who works with dragons."

Charlie sat across from her. "It may work to our advantage."

"How do you mean?"

"Sure, we're adorable." he replied with a large smirk, " but that will only catch everyone off guard when they realize just how badass we can be....right?"

Anora laughed. "Okay, that's one way of looking at it, I suppose."

"Anora, you just have to remember what I told you back in first year." he said.

"And please remind me what that was." She said locking eyes with him.

"It's okay to stand out, all the best people do."

That evening, Anora settled down in her bed that creaked even with the slightest of movement, which irritated her and Iggy greatly.

Eventually, Iggy arose and leaped onto Charlie's bed.

"Traitor." Anora mumbled.

"You're still awake?" Charlie's tired voice called into the darkness.

"Well, yes, because my bed won't let me sleep."

The light turned on and Charlie looked over to Anora who was lying on her bed perfectly still trying not to create anymore noise.

All the while, Anora kept thinking of her noiseless bed back at Hogwarts.

"Come here." Charlie said. She turned her head to face his direction.


"I said come here. Come sleep over here. That bed is going to drive us all crazy throughout the night. There's enough room on this bed for the two of us."

"Are you sure Charlie?"

"Of course, now hurry. I need my beauty sleep."

Anora snorted before rising from the noisy bed and shuffling over to his. She lied down, and greeted the silence happily. Iggy took the opportunity and snuggled between the two bodies while Charlie turned the lamp off.

"Good night Anora."

"Good night, Charlie.


The two laughed. "Night Iggy."

The next morning, Charlie didn't want to get out of bed, completely forgetting where he was, until Anora began jumping up and down on the bed.

"Dear Charlie, wake your arse up! Love, Anora." he heard.

He chuckled before lifting his head slightly.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"I've been trying to get you to wake up for the last twenty minutes. It's nearly ten and Greg said he would be here by ten fifteen, remember?"

Charlie shot out of bed. 

"Oh now you get out of bed." she said with a shake of her head as she jumped down.

While the girl appeared calm on the outside, internally she was dancing around and screaming with pure excitement. They would be able to see the dragons that morning as Greg gave them the tour. She watched as Charlie ran around frantically to get ready before Greg arrived.

"It was so much easier getting dressed when all my clothes were on the floor!" 

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