Part 14 😗

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You opened your eyes slowly with a huge headache beating through your eyes. You really didn't feel like getting up so you just went back to sleep. Raph's Pov. Raph was waking up and realizing you weren't in his bed, He figured you'd be back by now. Even though its been two days. He sat up rubbing his eyes while swinging his legs over to the edge of his bed. He stood up and made his way to the kitchen. He grabbed a glass of milk and sat down at the table while putting his face in hands. It must have been around 6:30 am. He saw Leo leave his room and head over to the stove and start up a kettle for water. Leo sat two chairs away from Raph. For some reason there was heavy tension in the air; leo decided to talk to try and break it. "So uh did you find out what was wrong with Y/N? I never ever saw her act like that before." Raph rubbed his face up and down and then leaned back into his chair with his arm dangling off the backing. "I really dont know." Raph answered with his sleepy eyes. "I'm gonna go see how she is doing later on tonight. Or whenever i feel like it." The kettle started going off; leo stood up and turned the stove off and put the kettle on another burner. "i'd see her as soon as possible if i were you." Leo advised. "pfft i know you would." Leo looked over at him. "whats that supposed to mean?" He asked sternly. "oh nothing. Just the fact that i know you absolutely love Y/N. And you'd probably do anything for her. Like a little puppy." Raph Sassed. "Raph-" leo was cut off by his little brother coming in and sitting at the table. "whatcha talkin about over here?" Mikey asked. Leo sat down at the table and huge crash of strain fell in the air. Raph starred at Leo for 3 long seconds. Mikey pretty much got the idea that his brothers are at it again. He drank his milk and left the room and into his own. No one's pov. At 10:30 pm. Raph got dressed. Left the lair and headed to your house. It was dark out so he was ok. He ran across the rooftops. Not as a thing for momentum but it was because he wanted to see you. His head was running with things to worry about. Were you hurt physically? Were you so mad at him that you never ever wanted to see him again? Were you kidnapped? Were you lying dead in an ally?? All kinds of thoughts filled his head. He finally reached your window; he had butterflys in his stomach caused by all his worries of what could be wrong with you. He opened your windows from the outside and quietly entered. He looked around to see your nightlight was still on. he turned around to see you were asleep. He walked over to you and kissed your forehead. Your eyes shot open and slowly moved your pupils to look at Raphs face. You inhailed and Screamed your head off as you backed away to where you back hit the wall. Your facial expression screamed terrified. Raph looked at you in shock. "Y/N. its me." "H-h-h-ow do you know my name?!" you said scared holding a pillow to your chest. He reached out to you with his hand "DONT.COME.ANY CLOSER!" you yelled. You held your pillow to your face. You didnt hear anything so you took the pillow off your face and looked around to see he was gone. The only thing illuminating your room was the small crack of sunlight. Raph was running wherever his legs were taking him. His eyes were misting as he was running. The woman that he loved, treasured, cherished; now was terrified of him. And the worst part is; he doesn't even know why. He felt like his entire world was just shattered. You brought out the good in him. And the last thing he did was yell at you. :( and it made him feel even worse. He started bewailing as he ran and ran..and ran. He stopped at a point and it made him feel worse because it was the beach he took you on a date on. And he also was taken by your lustful eyes that night. He had his head pointed down to the ground as tears dripped from him and hit the sand. His fists clutched. He fell to his knees and Pounded his fists into the sand over and over. "God..Damn!" he shuttered in his deep voice not saying it to loudly. It just killed him so much that the woman he loved and who loved him back just see's him as a monster like everyone else. Leo's pov. "Hey does anyone know here Raph is?" He asked everyone. "Cooommee oooonnn COME ON COME ON! YES!!!" Mikey said ecstatically. "havent seen him." Mikey said as he played his video games. "I havent seen him at all today. he was mostly locked up in his room today." Donnie answered as he spun around in his computer chair made of skateboards. Leo looked over a Raph's room and walked up to it. he knocked his knuckles on it waiting for an answer; which didnt happen. He opened it to see if he was even in there. He looked around, nothing. He sighed and decided he'd go see you and see if you have seen Raphael today. *Time Skip* Leo's pov. He arrived at a window to your home from the rooftop. He walked in and saw he was in the living area. He saw you in the kitchen. "Hey Y/N!" he said cheerfully. You turned around to see another freak of nature. You kept your eyes on him as your hands behind you search for any kind of weapon. You take the one thing your hands found first and pointed it at him; it was a meat knife. "What are you doing here again!" you yelled. "Woah; woah take it easy Y/N" he said with his hand palms facing you as he tried walking closer to you. "S-stop saying my NAME! HOW DO YOU KNOW ME?!" You freaked out. "its me, leonardo. Dont you remember? You were at our home 2 days ago." "No! I was shopping for my dad so when he gets home, everything is restocked!" you angrily told him. "Ok,ok. Calm down. i won't hurt you. its ok. really." He said as he backed away and scooted his way behind the island. The knife in your hand was still following his steps. "Seriously. You know me and I know you." "Prove it." You ordered him. "Well, Your fav color is (W/e ur favorite color is), You prefer the night over daytime. Your favorite band is BlackVeilBrides (Or w/e it is you prefer). You're a giver. You get along with pretty much anyone you meet it seems. You Love animals. Your sign is (w/e your birth month sign is.), your dad doesn't really appreciate you, and whenever you seem to be upset you exercise." you lowered your knife and put it down on the counter behind you. "Okkaayyy. let's say you do know me." you say as you sat down across from him. "How is it that you know me." "Well...And he tells the story of how you met them and so forth.. Later on you two sat on the roof together enjoying each others company; talking and laughing. You were laughing so hard at something Leo had said. "Hey i'm sorry i freaked out at your brother. But i must ask something." "Whats that." "Why did he kiss my forehead?" "Oh yeaaaaaa ummm your kinda dating him." "DATING!?" "yea." He chuckled. "I'm sorry but i cant date someone idk nor have feelings for." "He isnt gonna like hearing that." "I'm sorry but it just isnt gonna happen between us unless somehow i fall for him." Leo nodded in understandment. He was kinda happy you said that. He felt bad for raph but this gave himself a chance to be with you. And a chance he was not gonna pass up.

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