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 Chapter 7: All Wounds Heal

(Friday mid-afternoon)

(Sarah’s POV): Well, we’re here na sa second island. From where am sitting at, I can see Sam and sina Kuya (boatmen) busily preparing our lunch. Yeng was busy sightseeing not far from me and was taking pictures as well. We offered to help out in preparing our lunch but Sam said that they can manage. Si Sam talaga. The way he treats me is well… overwhelming. Although sanay ako na bine-baby nina Mommy and Daddy, as well as my friends, parang feeling ko, iba pag si Sam. I’m thankful for having him as my friend, pero parang nakakahiya naman yung sobra nyang pag-aasikaso sakin. To think na siya pa ang main reason why I was allowed to have this vacation with Yeng. I really don’t mind na kasama sya. He is fun to be with and maalaga, correction, super maalaga. I didn’t know when this started, pero naiilang ako. Dati naman, hindi. I’m very much comfortable with him and I can openly be affectionate to him ng walang malisya. So what changed? Di ko alam. Siguro dahil matagal tagal na rin kaming di nagkasama, so balik sa medyo ilangan factor.

(Sam’s POV): Hmn.. My Princess is seating there on the sands. Even with her brimmed hat almost covering her face, I can feel that she’s in deep thoughts. I wonder what she’s thinking. My, she’s really beautiful. It’s not a secret that I admire her. I even made attempts to tell her what I feel for her. Unfortunately, either she wasn’t ready or her heart’s not open for me (or anyone) at that time. Over the years, I’ve learned to accept that she can never see me beyond being a friend and there was even a time I tried to stay away from her. But what can I do? My heart continued loving her even from a distance. I would rather be her good friend than never have the chance to be with her and talk with her again. I’d rather have her keep me as a friend than totally out of her life. With the recent events, I can’t stop my heart from hoping that this time, I would have that chance to get to know her better and perhaps, be more than friends with her. But from what I can see, she’s not ready yet. I don’t want to push her / the situation to my favor. I respect her too much for that.

(Yeng’s POV): (And yes! Dapat lang may POV din ako no! Chos!) Whew! Ang ganda talaga basta nature trips! I so love the beach, the blue sky, the lush green mountains, the fresh air, the sun, the food, lahat! Pati sina Kuyang Bangkero! Ngayon pa lang super enjoy na ko, and yet we still have 2 more days sa paraisong to! Yeng exclaimed excitedly. All the time, she was busy taking pictures of anything and everything that catch her attention. She then looked at her other companions. Hmn. I wonder… I know Sam has feelings for my sis for quite some time. Being with him through several gigs/shows (and even sa ASAP), I got to know him as a person. He’s one of the most humble and down to earth person that I know. Siyempre kasama ako don sa category nay un, pati na mga friend ko. Hahaha! Before this trip, ang plan ko sana ay paglapitin lalo ang dalawang kaibigan ko. I may not voice it out often, but I really really think na bagay sila. Both have good hearts, down to earth, kind, loving, caring, etc. I’ve been a silent witness on how Sam loves my dear sister. He may had been romantically involved with other girls, but I know he never stopped caring for Sars. She has always been his special girl. I’ve seen how he watched her perform on stage, how he observed her from afar and how he cared for her kahit di alam ni Sars. Minsan pa ay ako o kami ni Ate Shin ang kinukulit nyan para lang kay Sars – though alam nya na given na yun na gagawin din namin ang lahat para kay Sars. He has always been a great friend to Sars, to all of us. Sars, on the other hand, is a different story (Yeng thought as she caught a view of Sarah on the shoreline). I remember the time na nagkwentuhan kami before during their IDOL days na crush nya si Sam (not just because of his good looks but because of his personality as well) and medyo naiilang sya sa taping lalo na at madalas kailangan nilang sweet sa mga scene. She remembers her asking her and Shin before kung pano mawawala ang pagkailang niya kay Sam. Te Shin simply answered her, perhaps let him be a friend to you. And yun nga ang nangyari, Sarah managed to be comfortable with him and treated him as one of her good friends (like their other guy friends). Perhaps yun ang naging mali before, her seeing him as an older brother who could protect her (her being so young before), that’s why she got too comfortable with him for her to look at him beyond being a friend. When she got a bit older, matured and more open about love, Sam was already with Anne, and Sars had other guys around her. I think factor din ang pagiging friends/close nila ni Ate Anne. She values her friendship too much with her and was not thinking of stepping over their friendship by getting involved with Sam, even after he confessed to her. (Oh ha? Alam ko rin yun!) Wow… Talk about complications and fate.

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