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On a bright sunny Saturday morning the coast guard delivered Josie and Al to a sailboat anchored in the harbour.

On deck was Dennis MacMillan with a model-type blonde in a bikini.

When they jumped onboard MacMillan once again had that same smug look on his face.

The coast guard officers ordered Barbie to dress and took her with them to shore, leaving Al and Josie alone with MacMillan.

"Care for a beer?"

"Don't mind if we do." Al looked at Josie for her agreement.

The three of them sat quietly drinking their beer.

The day was glorious.

"How'd you find me?"

"Pictures in your house of the boat." Al replied. "And....we had you followed.

"Ahhhh." MacMillan nodding his head.

"I didn't kill her."

"We know."

Relief showed on his face.

"What happen to her?"

"Sadly she was carrying a knife and she tripped." Al informed him.

"Awww what a shame." MacMillan said with sarcasm.

Al wanted to get up and punch him right into next week.

Just then Josie asked, "Can I use the head?"

MacMillan said, "Sure. Below and towards the bow."

Josie got up and went below deck. She didn't need the bathroom, she wanted to find what they came there for.

She came up a few minutes later. Al and her made eye contact. She nodded to confirm what they suspected.

"We are headed to the Bahamas. Do you two want to come?" Still smug.

"You are not going anywhere, today or ever."

"What are you talking about? You said yourself I didn't kill my wife. It was an accident."

"We aren't here to arrest you for murder Mr. MacMillan. We are here to arrest you for grand theft larceny."

Still smug, "Grand theft larceny?! .....You're crazy! I didn't steal anything!"

"Oh really?" Josie then pulled something out of the back of her waist band. "Look what I retrieved below."

As the sailboat rocked gently back and forth the three of them stared at what Josie had in her hand.

A gold bar.

"You stole your wife's gold Mr. MacMillan." Josie gloated. "Tax free money in the Bahamas. Nice try."

"You can't prove a thing. She's dead. I'm her husband. I inherit everything."

"Not exactly. You see thanks to Mrs. Wadsworth we found the room that the gold was hidden in." Al began.

"You mean that crazy woman from across the street? How would she know anything about us?"

"Well.....When you and your wife travelled your wife asked her to take care of your cat. And as nosy neighbours go she snooped around your house and found the room." Josie was smug now.

"And what did you find? Nothing!" He answered his own question.

Al continued. "That's true, the room was empty but... we did find something. You see the gold bars were stacked against the walls and they made marks on the walls. Forensics confirmed that indeed gold bars were stored in that room."

"So! That proves nothing. It was OUR gold."

"Not exactly. You did steal your wife's gold. You see, unbeknownst to you...."

Just then Al took a quick glance at Josie who was smiling at his use of big words again. She was happy to see him having great satisfaction that this seemingly impossible crime was solved.

"....we found in your wife's wall safe a list of numbers."

Al pulled out the list and handed them to MacMillan.

Grabbing it out of Al's hand with fury, "You are wasting my time Detective. This is just a list of random numbers. It means nothing!"

He did notice that the document was signed and witnessed.

Beads of sweat started forming on his brow.

He flung the list back at Al foiling annoyance.

Then Al reached into the envelope not taking his eyes off the accused, pulling out photos of the gold bars exposing the identification numbers.

"I think you will find that these pictures match the gold bars you have in your hull. And they were solely the property of your wife. She wasn't stupid. She had numbers stamped on each bar for insurance purposes. Very small. Not easily detected."

Now the smug was gone.

Josie got up and went to MacMillan and pointed to the tiny numbers stamped on the side of the gold bar she retrieved.

"Based on the list and the pictures we are certain that the hull of this boat is full of gold bars that match." Josie added.

"You see...." Al continued gloating. "The problem for you is that your wife was alive when you took the gold bars that solely belonged to her and stored them on something that solely belongs to you."

Just then they heard the coast guard arriving.

Josie took pleasure in cuffing MacMillan.

They knew that Mrs. MacMillan was sure he was going to kill her for the gold but could never prove it.

A couple of the coast guard officers came onboard and sailed the boat into the pier maneuvering it into a quay.

Al had the last word when they docked.

"Too bad for you that you stole the gold before she died. You know MacMillan you could have been nice to her and it would all have been yours. We found her Will. She named you as the beneficiary of everything she owned including the gold."

"I wasn't going to wait fifty years for her to die." He spat with venom.

"You won't have had to wait that long. She had a rare type of cancer. She only had a couple of months to live."

Al was the smug one now but still wanted to punch the greedy selfish man in the mouth.

MacMillan closed his eyes at the unbelievable revelations.

The coast guard officers led him away.

Josie and Al hugged a congratulatory hug.

Impossible case solved.

Josie said, "If it wasn't for Mrs. Wadsworth being a nosy neighbour we would never have caught MacMillan."

"Want to grab a burger and beer?" Al asked.

"Are you asking me on a date?"


They both laughed.

They climbed out of the boat onto the dock.

As they walked away Al turned back and looked at the name of the sailboat and shook his head.

It read,

The Other Woman

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