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Everyone is looking at you viciously. They threw eggs and flour at you with a laugh.

"Nerds like you is just a trash here in the society. Hahaha!" They did the same thing. Loud laughter was just the sound you are hearing right now. Tears flowing down to your cheeks but it's not able to see because of flour that covers your uniform either to your whole face. Your sight was blurred mixed with pain.

You stood up and walked away like a zombie. Every student you passing you by was mocking eew, yuck, gross. You went straight to the restroom. You sat down on the toilet bowl while hugging your bag, crying.

"Why are they like this? I know I'm a nerd but they don't need to treat me like this." You said while sobbing.


You peak at the corridor if there's the mean girls.

"Oh, almost all of the students and teachers are at the basketball court watching the tournament. I'm always alone." You spoke to yourself and started walking again.

You already reached the field. You're walking at the middle. No one is even there, only you.

You passed by the parking lot of the university. You were waiting for your service cause there's no next subject. Even the teachers are at the gym.

You glanced at the parked cars. One of the car you saw was a Lamborghini. The owner must be really rich. You thought, still looking at the red Lamborghini.

A guy stood beside the Lamborghini holding a baseball bat. You felt curioused.

Your face turned into surprise. The guy smashed the red Lamborghini! You quickly ran towards him.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!" You shouted, then he ran away. He's insane.

"This Lamborghini must be very expensive. He who smashed this will get poor." You picked up the bat.

"WHAT DID YOU DO?" A guy shouted. You turned around in slow motion and gulped.

"No no, I didn't did this I swear. A guy that I don't know broke your car's windows!" Sweat starting pouring down to your neck. You fixed your glasses while looking at him and dropped the baseball bat.

"It's obvious that you did it! Stop lying you nerd!" He held your arms. Your eyes is screaming for awe.

"O-ouch! Stop! It hurts!" You tried to remove his hands but you can't.

"You'll pay for my car. This costs hundred billions! Can you pay me that!" He held your arms tighter. You cried again just like how you cried a while ago. Your eyes got blurred and got red.

"DON'T CRY CAUSE I DON'T PITY YOU! THIS MESS YOU DID WILL GET TO THE HEAD MISTRESS!" He yelled and pulled you away. Lord, please help me. You thought.


"Junhoe, she's not the resson why your car's windshield was broken." The head mistress calmly said. My head looked down.

"What are you saying ms Scott, I saw her with the bat that she used in breaking my windshields!" Junhoe said in defense. He's just trying to convince himself that his right.. You thought.

"Ms Scott! Here they are." You and Junhoe looked at the door. You saw the guy who messed up Junhoe's car. You still kept quiet and let ms Scott explain everything. You felt relieved because of ms Scott.

"Your friend saw who did that. Then he reported it to me. It's clear that ______ didn't do it to your car." You looked at Junhoe like a victim. You ran away, dragging the door.

You ran going to the empty slot in your school. You sat down under a tree and started. You held your arms that is now reddish because of how Junhoe held you tight.

"Oww!" Your arms did not just went red, but it has a bruise also.

"I hate myself." You hugged your knees and cried.

You looked up into the sky with your tears still flowing down to your cheeks. You lean onto the tree and continue crying.

Your moment was disturbed when you felt someone touched your shoulder.

"Shit!" You screamed in nervous.

"W-what are you doing here?" You stood up and stepped away.

"You also go here? I only go here when I'm alone or sad." You didn't response.

"I just wanna say sorry for accusing you and judging you." He's playing with fingers while talking to you.

"It's okay. I forgive you. To be honest, I am the one who shove that guy away when he's smashing your windshield with the baseball bat."

"Yeah. My friend told me already. I am sorry and thank you." He slightly smiled at you. Then you smiled back too.

"I'm late on my next class now. Bye!" You rapidly ran going to the lockers room and put all of your books inside your locker. You checked your eyes in the mirror. It was swelling.

"I wish someday, my tears because of pain will be gone." You sighed and closed your locker. But bad lucks is still coming your way.

"No. We still want you to feel miserable." The mean girls said, with their hand on their waists. You got trembled. Since the first day, all they did was making you suffer. And you don't have the guts to protect yourself.

"What do you got right now girls?"

"Vinegar!" They all laughed. You just stared at them doing nothing to escape.

"Oh Vinegar! You will smell really good after we spread this on you. 1... 2... 3!" You closed your eyes and waited for the Vinegar to spill on you but your expectations didn't happen...

You opened your eyes and saw someone hugging you. No Vinegar touching your skin.

The person hugging you looked at you with concern.

"Are you okay?" You got trembled even more knowing that the one who got wet by the Vinegar was Junhoe.

You nodded as the answer in his question. Then he turned around, facing the three girls.

"J-Junhoe! Why did you do that!" Fiona said, one of the mean girls.

"Try to bully her again... and I'll forget that the three of you are girls, cause you will not like what I will do to the three of you!" They dropped the bottle of Vinegar and ran away.

"You don't need to do that! Look, your clothes are wet because of the Vinegar! It supposed to land on me."

"Are you that coward? Why can't you do something to protect your own self?" He muttered. Luckily, there's no students at the lockers room

"Don't mind me. It's their everyday routine and I don't care at all. No one even cares." My tears are starting to fall down.

"You are the one who's hurting yourself. Think of yourself first. You have the rights. Don't be afraid of them and I know your strong. You are just shy to show it. Stop crying." He hugged you again. You placed your hand on his back while his hands are touching your hair.

"Thank you for what you did and for your concern. You smell sour hahaha." You both giggled.

He looked at you again,

"Starting today, I want you to be brave. Okay?" You nodded. Your eyes widened when he untangled your ponytail.

"What are you doing?" You asked.

"You look more beautiful with your hair like that." He looked at you seriously.

"Stop kidding Junhoe." You both laughed.

Since that day, the two of you became friends, with mutual feelings.


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