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I hit the marble floor with enough force that I saw the stars I created. 

For weeks my fellow Gods and I had been planning to take Chaos down from the pedestal he built himself, and we should've been able to do it. We were so close to finally banishing him into another realm, except that Hades had forgotten to mix the potion into Chaos's wine meant send him into an endless slumber, and Athena was locked away in a room for speaking up against him. 

But we hadn't even noticed, so after dinner we put the remaining steps of our plan into action.

The seven of us that could followed Hecate into his sleeping chamber, she was going to draw on our combined strength for the spell required to banish him into a different dimension. Or, at least, that would've been the plan had the potion been set.

Instead of ridding ourselves of the dictator we were forced to live under, we ended up here, fighting for our existence.

"I've allowed you all to live here, in my home!" Chaos's face was red with rage, and Aphrodite was crying beautiful tears as Chaos continued to rain hits upon those closest in range to him. 

Ares hit the floor with a thud, and Hades quickly appeared next to him through a cloud of darkness and transported him away from Chaos's unforgiving stomping. "We shouldn't have to be 'allowed' to simply exist! This is our home too! We are all-" Hecate's speech was cut off by her own screams. Chaos sent every thought of hopelessness and despair into her body, and the rest of us stood powerless as she writhed in pain.

Aphrodite's cries got louder as she witnessed the pain Hecate was forced to endure, and I finally found my own strength. I coated Chaos in a darkness so empty, so desolate, it was nearly the same as the torture Hecate had just experienced. 

"You are not our king! I created the darkness, I can bury you under constellations so bright that you will beg for what we planned for you." Ares cried out a warning as Chaos' s gargantuan hand came closer. I didn't heed it in time and I ended up back where I started. The marble floor. 

  "You disobedient swines. None of you, not a single one will ever be welcome back in Olympus until I have decided you are worthy!" An empty promise, I told myself. He can't banish us. Almost as if he'd read my mind he spoke again. "I declare it in front of the fates! May they swear it on The Void that none of you are welcome back."  I heard my own screams of protest begin as each one of us slowly became transparent with banishment.

I was pulled from the fresh memory by a tugging on my sleeve.

"Your name?" A woman with coffee colored skin and a red blazer asked me. I looked over to Artemis on my left to see her staring expectantly at me. 

Attempting to shroud the room in darkness and escape through the door we came through was tempting, but in order to survive through our banishment, we had to attempt to "fit in" with the other mortals.  With a heavy sigh I faced the woman once again.

A smirk graced my black painted lips, and I knew Artemis was smiling with her silver eyes right next to me.


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