Chapter 22

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The first thing Evelyn noticed as she approached the school was the overwhelming sensations that something was wrong. Had she not been able to sense the emotions of others she may not have noticed the thick cloud of worry and fear in the air, as by most outward appearances the school entrance with its usual crowds looked no different than any other day. Normal that is, if she were able to ignore the police cruisers parked along the sidewalk.

The sensations of worry flowed through the air like a dull melody, as if the building itself were lamenting a tragic loss. Somehow, someway, the memory of Puck's last words to her came to the forefront of her mind like a dreaded warning. Over the normal chorus of chatting teenagers and distorted announcements over the building's loudspeakers, Puck's request to be allowed to play repeated over and over in her ears.

And it was she who had given him permission.

A shiver ran down her spine. Surely whatever was wrong couldn't be his work? Puck had always been fiercely loyal, and sometimes dangerously protective, but he couldn't be capable of any real damage could he? She pictured the look on Puck's face just before he disappeared through her window, the image all the answer she needed. It sent yet another shiver down her spine, this one cold as liquid ice.

Evelyn closed her eyes and inhaled deeply. If the worry and police cars were her fault, she would have to face it head on and do what she could to repair any damage Puck may have caused. A hand slipped into her own, casing Evelyn to jump with surprise. Brandon grinned down at her when she looked up at him, obviously proud of himself for having startled her. "Wow," he said, "didn't think it was possible to sneak up on you like that!"

Evelyn ignored the taunt. "Something's wrong." She said, eyes not leaving the school. "I can feel it."

Brandon furrowed his brow, following her gaze. "Feel what, exactly?"

"Fear, and worry." She looked back at him, eyes wide with her own fears. "Brandon, I think I made a terrible mistake."

He put his arm around her shoulders and pulled her tight against himself. "Evelyn, you couldn't make a mistake if you tried."

"If only that were true." She said, chuckling slightly.

An officer emerged from the building, notebook in hand. He approached the nearest student and talked for a moment, gesturing for them to look at the notebook in his hand. The student shrugged at first, looking around the crowd. Suddenly Evelyn saw the student look in her direction and point directly at her and Brandon. Evelyn's blood ran cold again as the officer nodded his thanks and headed straight for them.

"What do you think happened?" Brandon asked, unaware of the approaching officer.

Evelyn fought back the urge to pull Brandon away in an attempt to avoid the man, but she knew it would only delay the inevitable. May as well get the questioning over with and see if her own fearful suspicions would be confirmed. "I don't know for sure, but I think it has something to do with Jessica and Derek."

Brandon's shock hit her like a bolt of electricity. "Those two? I hope he's here to arrest them. I'd love to see them led out of here in cuffs."

"I think getting arrested is the least of their worries." Evelyn replied in a whisper as the officer quickly approached, eyes boring straight into her own. As he walked towards them Evelyn opened herself up as much as he could to his emotions, trying her best to focus her abilities on him alone, pushing the storm of emotions from the crowd as far away from her consciousness as she could. It was a skill she had been working on for a while, one Evelyn didn't think she'd ever get to work.

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