Chapter 8

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Izuna's p.o.v

I had been searching for Tsuki for the past 2 days with no luck.. I walked into Amegakure showing her picture to anyone who would listen. I was about to leave town when out of chance I spotted a small inn and decided it wouldn't hurt to check. "Oh yeah the young lady was here a few weeks ago.. she left abruptly" "Did she say where she was going?" My heart raced at the new lead "No .. she was secretive, kept to herself.. but my daughter did see her out in the forest whilst she was picking flowers" I thanked the man before racing into the forest. I wasn't sure where I was going but it wasn't long before a ninja hound picked up her scent. I thanked the heavens that it hadn't rained and washed the trail away. The dog led us to a clearing and I spotted small patches of grass lined with dried blood.. her blood. "I hope I'm not too late.." We searched the area waiting for the hound to find her trail again. After several long minutes it howled and began running in the direction she had taken. 

We had been running for hours until we stumbled across a village I had never seen before. I approached a civilian who informed me it was the village in the sound, founded by 'lord' Orochimaru. I froze at the name.. my brother and I had fought him once, he was a powerful opponent one I couldn't hope to defeat on my own. I immediatley sent a messenger to inform my brother of her whereabouts as I searched for his lair. 

Madara's p.o.v

I sat in my office trying to concentrate on my paperwork, but knowing she was out there.. possibly in danger and carrying my child I was unable to focus. *Slam I stood up as my office door was thrown open and one of the Uchiha's that had accompanied my brother panted and muttered something about "Orochimaru" I froze at the sound of his name. If he had her who knows what he could be doing to her.. or the baby. I jumped over my desk and grabbed my sword "Take me to her"

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