Chapter Twenty-Five: Hurt

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Rogue's POV

I faced the door to her apartment room. My fist clenched as I stood there awkwardly, contemplating on how loud I should knock on the door.

It's so easy... I shook my head in dismay, causing a few strands of my pitch black hair to fall ever so close to my blood-red eyes.
I raised my clenched fist and knocked, hard.
'Well I already messed that up...' I innerly punched myself.

From inside, a few rustling noises could be heard.
Frantic feet on the wood floor, things being taken off the counter.

I'd be a liar if I said I wasn't nervous. I bet Kagura would feel the same.

Minerva wasn't exactly the nicest person.

I sighed a grit my teeth, just a split second before a familiar face peeked from behind the door.

I could see her sharp eyes register me, and she quickly drew back the door.

"I'm not exactly excited for this..." She whispered, grabbing the last of her things.
"Nor am I..." I admitted, waiting patiently by the door.
"Well, why bother going then?" She stopped.
"We need to resolve this. What if she comes after you again?"
I'm assuming Kagura had no room to object, since she had just grabbed the last of her things and took my hand and we left her apartment.

I didn't know where Minerva would be, to be honest. I sighed and tried going to her house.

I just then realized Kagura was holding my hand, and I blushed slightly, slowly wriggling my hand out of hers. But she looked at me in slight annoyance and tightened the grip on my hand. I gapped at her, amused by her actions. But that quickly faded as soon as we got to Minerva's front door.

Kagura stepped up and knocked on her door, and Minerva opened it.
She wore a black apron, and narrowed her eyes at us. She was carrying a mixing bowl in one hand and a wisk in the other.

"What fo you want?" Her voice was close to being monotoned, but was only the slightest bit vicious.

"Y-You stabbed me... Remember?" Kagura gulped, and I nodded slowly.

"Oh that?" She smiled deviously. "I would have thought you'd be dead by now."

"Minerva. Why were you trying to kill her?" I said firmly.

She looked at me, amused. "She's going to hurt you Rogue... I know it." She gave Kagura one of her signature death glares.

"She won't hurt me! You know nothing about what's happening between us." I felt somewhat insulted by her words.

Kagura stood there, silent. Looking down and twiddling her thumbs. It was an obvious sign that she was worrying that something like that would happenz

"Your guilty, aren't you?" Minerva took a step forward to her. My body tensed, just in case she would attack her.
"You know you're going to hurt him." Her voice was cruel.

Kagura nodded slowly, barely making any movement.

Minerva gave a satisfied look.

I widened my eyes but brought Kagura close to me, wrapping her up in a protective hug.

"She said it for herself, Rogue!" Minerva looked at us in shock.

"I don't care if she's gonna hurt me! I'll be able to handle the pain when the time comes!" I squeezed Kagura momentarily.
She had one hand resting on my chest, where my heart would be. And had her other arm wrapped around my neck.

"And that's no reason to stab her! Our relationship has nothing to do with you!" I hissed.

And then there was silence.
Minerva stared at me in shock, and Kagura didn't say a word.

"I just thought, since I was around the town, I would take it upon myself... To dispose of such trash..." She admitted, trying to stay somewhat cold.

"Why would you stab her? You didn't even hit and veins of organs, so what was the point?! Your intent was to inflict pain, not kill her, isn't that it, Minerva?" I narrowed my eyes at her.

She sighed, "That is true, I suppose. I didn't want to kill the girl. But I wanted to give her a clear sign to back off."

"How was she supposed to get the message? You didn't give her any sign of what the reasoning was for her being stabbed." My voice was cold, bitter, and  coated over with true fury.

"I-I..." Minerva tried to think of something, but even she knew there was nothing else to say to that.

"Don't come near her." I hissed, vicious as ever. Heat radiated from me, indicating my anger, and I just noticed that.

"And what will you do if I do?" She gave me and Kagura a cruel look, but Kagura couldn't see it, she was still securely wrapped up in my arms.

I had to think of something. "I'll surely get you back... In fact, I'll kill you." That was all I could think of.

Minera kissed her teeth and narrowed her eyes. "So you'd kill a guild member... Just for some pathetic girl?" She pointed at Kagura. "Your whole 'relationship' is truly pitiful." She rolled her eyes. "Rogue, don't say I didn't warn you, when the time comes." And she slammed the door shut, disabling me from saying anything.

Kagura stayed where she was, enjoying it, I suppose.
I shut my eyes and pressed my lips to her forehead.
"It won't happen. She won't come for you. I promise she won't. Not while I'm still around..." I brought one of my hands up to her hair.

"I trust you..." She mumbled.

I smiled and slowly morphed into shadows, making both of us sink into the ground, and later appearing in Kagura's apartment.

We were still left in the same position, and she let go.

She shuffled over to her bed and laid down, kicking the blankets from being under her, and slowly pulled them over her body, hiding herself from the world.

I sighed slightly and sat down on her bed, and put a hand on assumingly where her waist was.

"Kagura..." I said gently, and she peeped her head out.

I looked her gently and she brought the blanket down, indicating me to join her.

I blushed, my cheeks were now a vibrant shade of tomato red.

I laid down and slipped my feet under the covers, an she pulled them over us securely.

I was genuinely curious why she was acting this way.
No... I thought. No, I don't need to ask her to answer that... I froze. She's opened up to me... And she's falling in love... I gulped, knowing I felt the same way.

A few moments kater, Kagura made her way and snuggled up against me.
It was still somewhat early in the day, and she was already wanting to go to sleep.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and tangled her slender fingers in my hair, her body was pressed against mine, and I could feel her soft breathing low on my neck.
I tensed for a moment, but quickly relaxed. I brought my right had up to her chin, tilting it upward so she was looking directly at me.
What are you doing?
No... I'm going to do this.
I thought for a split second and I brought my arms down to her waist, hugging it.
My heart was racing, and she looked at me gently and leaned in, pressing her lips against mine. And we both shut our eyes.

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