Chapter One: Jason

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The wind was howling, thunder rumbled, and lightning cracked. "Hurry, inside!" I yelled to Piper, Hazel, and Percy. "It'll only get worse." As I was running to my cabin I heard a cry. Quickly looking behind me I saw Percy on the ground grabbing his ankle. "Percy!" I yelled. I ran to him and knelt next to him. His ankle was bent in a really unnatural way. "Can you get up?" I ask over the wind and thunder. "No, not really." His face was contorted in agony. "I think it's twisted." He moaned in . Think, Jason. You can't carry him, so how do you get him inside? Then it hits me. I summon a gust of wind to carry him back. "Hang tight," I say to him.. "you'll be safe soon."
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Once the storm had ended we brought Percy to the infirmary. An Apollo took a look at him and announced that he was going to be fine with some ambrosia and nectar. Piper helped Percy back to his cabin. When we arrived Annabeth was standing outside, arms crossed looking ticked.
"Perseus Jackson, may we talk, alone." Annabeth said, grabbing Percy's wrist and dragging him away. Me, Piper, and Hazel shared an Uh Oh, kind of look and silently followed the two.

"I can't believe you, Percy!" Annabeth yelled.
"Um, what did I do?" Percy asked, cluelessly.
"Don't 'what did I do' me. I saw you making out with Nico." Said the Daughter of Athena, clearly furious with his actions. Percy stood there, too stunned to speak. He made out with... Nico? My thoughts were racing in my head.

Suddenly, a hand was placed over my mouth and I was dragged away from the scene.
"You tell no one." A voice said. I looked up to see a blob of shadows. Nico. I thought.
"I-is it... t-true? What she was saying?" I stuttered. The blob seemed to become almost agitated at the thought.
"Yes, it's true. But I don't think it will be happening again anytime soon." The group of shadows darkened even more than it already was. A moment of silence passed before I asked if I could leave. Nico, now out of shadow blob form, nodded and I walked away. I was in the woods.
"Oh and Jason, since me and Percy aren't a thing, feel free to make all of the moves you want on him." The son of Hades smirked and disappeared. I blushed and jogged away to break up with a certain daughter of Aphrodite.

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