Can Someone Save Me?? (Justin Bieber Love Story)

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ok so everything there is to know about me is i just turned 17 on February 24, my favorite color is blue and purple and im an only child. im single and ive never dated in my life, soo yeahh iv never had my first kiss. im just waiting on that one special person (: ohh and yeahh my names Jordyn Jay. i get bullied at school and i only have one friend named Elizabeth Smith and i can tell her anything! and when i say anything i mean ANYTHING! well besides one thing.. and its that my parents abuse me.. and iv not told anyone because im scared too. but yeahh thats about it sooo see ya !

Chapter 1

i woke up to my alarm going off, i shut it off and got up and went downstairs to eat real quick before my parents got up. after that i went up stairs and got in the shower then i got dressed, blow dried my hair and strightened it i grabed my stuff and headed off to school. (i walk to school because its right around the corner) when i got there i ran into Elizabeth(i call her Lizzy and she calls me J.J.)

Jordyn: heyy Lizzy! wait up!

Elizabeth: ohh heyy J.J. whats up ?

Jordyn: not much just here for another boring day.

Elizabeth: ohh great here comes Olivia and the crew. (bullies: Olivia, Taylor, and Hannah)

Jordyn: ohh noo i hate dealing with her!

Olivia: ohh look who it is girls its J. Dork and her sidekick!

Taylor/Hannah: hahahahaha

Olivia:*puts hand up to quite them* yeahh Jordyn you droped something.

Jordyn:*looks down* what?

Olivia: your dignity *slaps Jordyns books out of her hand* ohh and those *kicks her books and scatters paper everywhere* hahaha * walks off with her girls*

Jordyn: *bends down and picks up everything*

Elizabeth:*bends down and helps* god! why is she such a brat?!

Jordyn: because she thinks shes better then everyone else just because her parents are rich.

*bell rings*

Elizabeth: well i'll see you at lunch ok J.J.?

Jordyn: yeahh ok see ya Lizzy.

we walked to our class and the day went on with Olivia bulling me and telling Lizzy what happened then i walked home. when i got there and walked through the door i saw....


ohhhhhh what did you seee ??

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sorry its short i'll be writeing more soon. (:

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