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I got all my stuff packed. I'm done. Ever since I moved in everything has been my fault. I got in the cab and he drove off. I'm not going back home. I just need time to myself.


About 45 minutes later I arrived at the airport. Where shall I go? I looked at the flights. Italy? Nah I don't want to go somewhere with a language that's foreign to me. I get a call, Its my mom.

Mom- M


M-Carter and Jack both called me. Where the Hell are you?

Y-It doesn't matter mom, I need time to myself

M-Go back to Carters right now young lady!

Y-Sorry mom, no can do. Did he even explain why I took off?

M-Well no.

Y-Exactly. Call him back. He should be more than happy to tell you.


I hung up. I wasn't going to sit here and listen to her ramble about things she doesn't fully understand. I kept looking at the flights and then I got another call. Unknown number?



U-Is this y/n?

Y-Yes who is this?

U-Mr.Clarke, We met the other day darling.

Y-Oh yes, I Would love to except your deal.

U-Oh good, I need you in Seattle, As soon as you could get here.


End of call.

I walked up to the front desk.

"Can I get the soonest ticket to Seattle Washington?" I asked.

"Yes ma'am, if you hurry there's a flight that leaves in thirty minutes."

"Perfect." I replied. I paid for my ticket. I went through security as quickly as possible. I just barely made my flight. Seattle, here I come.

Carters POV

C-What do you mean she left!?!

H-Are you stupid? She packed her bags and left, and it's all your guys' fault.

C-Shit I'll be there as soon as possible.

"Come on lets go" I said.

"Why? I bet you Hayes is just trying to get us to feel bad." Jack said.

"Well can we at least fucking make sure?" I snapped. The guys all lazily got up and we walked back to the hotel. We walked through the lobby. Knowing y/n she probably just got another room to get away from us. We took the elevator up and went to mine, Jacks and y/n's room. She was gone.

"She's really gone?" Jack muttered.

"She couldn't have gone far." Cameron added.

"What did you guys not believe me or something?" Hayes snapped."You guys treat me like an immature child, but in reality that's you guys."

"Hayes not now!" Nash snapped.

"Yeah, you know what. I'm just going to let the guilt sink in. Let you guys all know that she's gone and it's your guys' fault."Hayes scoffed.

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