How it all started

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Okay I get that the video is a LokixLucy or LoLu but this is basically the song i got the inspiration from. Just if you watch it instead of Loki imagine Gray.

Disclaimer: I NO OWN SHIT

*Grays POV*


Let me explain.

See I had just gotten my new camera. Yes I have a camera, yes I love photography. Anyways I was in the guild sitting at a table messing around with the video settings. Man this camera had amazing volume on primary things. Well I zoomed in on Natsu and some of the guys. Ya know those ones you acquaintances with. I caught a little something.

"Hey Natsu wanna make a bet?" One said

"What kind of bet" Natsu asked

"I bet that you can't get in bed with Lucy" He said

"Alright give me till 9 O'clock tonight. I can do it"

With that they were passing money around I zoomed in on Natsu Walking over to Lucy who was with Cana talking about what looked like her Cards.

"Hey Lucy." Natsu said

"Hey Natsu, what's up?" Lucy said

"Lucy..I-I love you will you please be my girlfriend and go out with me tonight?" Natsu asked

"N-Natsu I would love to see you at 6 tonight?" Lucy asked

"Defiantly. I'll be by at 6 tonight" and with that Natsu left. And so did Lucy.

I followed Natsu to the back of the Guild. I was gonna confront him but than I saw something I thought would be an interesting video.

"Lisanna remember it's just a bet than you and I can get you that necklace you always liked." Natsu said kissing Lisanna's Neck and rubbing her right thigh.

"And besides she's just a side slut, your my main girl you have been for years." He continued.

Lisanna giggled "Who knew blondes actually are the dumbest females ever." she said and than french Natsu.

I decided to end it there and went to Lucy's apartment. I know she's gonna cry but I have to save her before Natsu did what he was sent out to do. That explains everything. All the times he made her dress like some kinky shit was just apart of his bastradizing game. I swear I'm going to send him to the coldest deepest parts of the ocean on a train so that way he can freeze and get sick.

I checked the time it was 5:45. I have 15 minutes to get to Lucy and show her what it got. I got to Lucy's and knocked on her door. When she opened it she was surprised. I rushed in grabbed her hand and had her sit down. (L=Lucy. G=Gray)

L: Gray whats wrong is everything okay?

G: Lucy I know your about to go onto a date with Natsu but Please watch this before you go.

Lucy nodded and I played to video. See she's the only one who knows my love of Photography. She watched all of it. Both videos. She cupped her mouth and began to sob. I held her tight, rubbing her back.

L: I-I can't beli-eve I almost went with him. I-I'm such an idiot.

G: No your not. SSSHHHHH It's alri-

There was a knock on her door. Oh no I'm sorry a Banging that sounded like a police man at the door. I got up and told Lucy to stay down. I opened to the door to see a well groomed and dressed Natsu Dragneel, who mind you was surprised to see me. "Hey dipshit instead of being an ass whole and using Lucy you should just go back and sleep with the white bobbed haired slut known as Lisanna" I said and punched him in the face. I slammed and locked the door, going to sit back down with Lucy I grabbed her and took her to her room. I than went to go run the shower, once it was warm I went back to Lucy and Grabbed her Pajamas that were laying on her bed and put her hair down. She got up and went to go take the shower I had began to run for her. While she was in the shower I fed Plue and made Lucy a nice hot cup of tea. I also ordered some sushi for her remembering that she told me it was her fav comfort food.

I heard a knock at the door and payed for the sushi. When I came back Lucy was still in the shower. Damn when it's this long it can only mean one thing. I set up the food and tea and grabbed her favorite books and movies. When she came out she looked refreshed and surprised. She smiled and sat down next to me. I held up the movies and had her pick. We watched all the movies and talked about all sorts of things.

L: Gray thanks for coming and stopping me

G: No problem Lu

We stared at each other for a while. We began to lean in closer and closer. Soon ending up kissing with me on top of her. I looked at her and she kissed me.

G:Wanna go on a mission with me tomorrow just you and me?

L: Yes I do

After she answered me we kissed again. we didnt stop and ended up making out on her bed in her room.

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