Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

The next day, Alexia and Cheater gave Dillenwater their list of baby supplies. The morning after that, they went into the common room to find all of their supplies waiting on them. A few minutes after they started sorting through everything, a group of men came through the lab door bearing tools and supplies to combine Alexia and Cheater's apartments and make them ready for the babies. The men said nothing to either Cheater or Alexia, they just walked straight into Alexia's apartment. Within a few minutes, the sound of work could be heard from within.

"I guess they liked our idea," Cheater said as he looked through one of the bags laying on the floor around them.

"Apparently so," Alexia said, pulling a large box of newborn diapers out of the pile an siting them on the couch. They had decided to separate the large pile into smaller piles, they they would deal with the smaller piles when they were finished.

"Do you think they actually got us everything we asked for?" Alexia asked, opening another bag and finding two packs of pacifiers.

"We're going to find out soon enough," Cheater said with a shrug of his shoulders. He held two zoo animal mobiles up for Alexia to see. She smiled slightly at him and pointed for him to put them with the two plain, light-wood cribs. "I don't see why they wouldn't give us everything though," he said as he placed the mobiles in one of the cribs.

"Here," Alexia said, tossing two light yellow baby blankets at him. Since Dillenwater wouldn't tell them what gender the babies would be, Alexia had asked for everything to be in gender neutral colors. Cheater caught both of the blankets and put them into a crib. "I think hey would do it just for spite."

"You think?" Cheater asked, finding packs of baby wipes and putting them with the diapers that Alexia already found.

"Oh yeah. They've done stuff like that before, so why would it be different now?" Alexia asked, finding a bag of yellow and green onesies that she folded and put right next to her.

"Well, they do seem to care a little more now that you're carrying the babies," Cheater said with a frown and a shrug. He found two unassembled high chairs in boxes and sat them near the cribs.

"Yeah, that they do," Alexia said with a sigh. She let out a soft groan and rested her hand on her pregnant belly, leaning back slightly. Within seconds Cheater was by her side.

"Are you ok?" he asked worriedly.

"I'm fine, they're just a little tired of being stuck in there, that's all," she said, siting back up. "Let's just get this finished."

"Are you sure? I can keep going and you can lay down on the couch and rest for a while," Cheater said, and Alexia frowned and shook her head.

"Remember when I said I didn't want ay special treatment? Well, it still applies," she said, shaking her head and reaching for another bag. Cheater gently grabbed her hand and stopped her.

"Yes, I do remember. But no, it does not still apply," he said, smiling slightly.

"Yes it does. I told you that I wanted no special treatment," she said with a frown.

"And I didn't give you any did I?" Cheater asked with a small smirk.

"No, but you're wanting to give me some now," Alexia replied, the frown still present on her face.

"Ah, but now you're far enough along that you're going to get special treatment from everyone whether you want it or not," Cheater said with a large grin.

"That's not fair," Alexia said with a pout. She tried to cross her arms, but her large stomach didn't allow it. Cheater only chuckled at her attempt.

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