Pretty Again

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Yn pov

Phone Call

Ybf (Your Best Friend )

Ybf : Yn youre really dumb for taking him back after he cheated . You've done so much for him , and this is what he does ?! He made you feel like you this ugly person that youre not

Me : You need to understand we've been together for a long time I cant bare to be without him.. I know I dont need to be with him but .. I just - I can't

Ybf : I just want the best for you , and the best for you isnt Lucas.

Me : *Sighs* Thanks for being real with me , ill talk to you later , love you girl !

Ybf : Love you too, bye

I hung up the phone and right after Lucas called me. It sounded like he been crying

Lucas: Baby can you come pick me up ?

Me : Are you okay ?! Wya ?

Lucas : Ill tell you later & Im at my moms house.

I hurried to get there. He basically told me that his mom was putting her new boyfriend before him. We drove home and we were laying down in our bed while he told me how he felt about the situation and I sat and listened until he fell asleep.

Two weeks later

My mother went out of town and wanted me & lucas to watch her house for her. So I said ok. I have to work which will leave Lucas here during the day.

After a long day I finally get home. I walk in and I hear 2012 (ChrisBrown) blasting . I walked to my mothers room and she lucas and ANOTHER BITCH kissing. She had a silk robe over her lingerie. I stood there in disbelief. She got up and ran to the door.

I wouldn't ever put my hands on a woman who my man is cheating on me with . Because more than likley she doesnt know about me. But this bitch ran so she knows about me so I started swinging. I fucked her up real quick and Lucas grabbed me off her.

Thats when I started hitting him. Tears flowed out of my eyes.


Without a word he just left. I sat there crying. Me and my mom has a relationship where we can tell each other anything and keep no secrets so i have to tell her this. I told her and she was heated !! Almost as worst than me i texted my bestfriend and told her and of course she said "I told you so". She said ill still take him back tho. But I couldnt . Thats the sickest shit you could ever do. Cheat on your girl in her moms house. When I say im done i mean it this time

2 months later

I havent talked to Lucas ever since after the incident I went to my house packed his shit and left it outside not giving a fuck if someone stole it. I went to my moms house and when I went home the next day it was gone. Now I'm not worried about him and I blocked his number .

Now im at the park with Ybf's daughter Asia because she needed someone to watch her. Just then i seen her playing with a familiar looking child .... THATS LUCAS' NIECE. I scanned the park hoping that she's with one of her parents but I seen Lucas and we made eye contact SHIT !

I called Asia over and I tried to lose him by moving to the other side of the park at a picnic table. Asia whined because she wanted to play so that's one of the reasons it was easy to spot me and it wasn't very crowded since it was about 11:30. She got out of my grip and I watched her run back over to Lucas niece. I felt the table move a little and I looked up and seen lucas .... Of course

Me : What ?

Lucas : Im sor-

Me : Fuck your sorry I dont wanna hear it.

Lucas : Im just trying to make things right between us. I just want you back.

Me : Lucas .. There is noo way in hell that we're getting back together. You made me feel like I was ugly or something because you cheated on me TWICE !!!

Lucas : I dont know what overcame me at the time Yn just listen and give me a chance. Youre gorgeous Yn and im sorry if I made you feel "Ugly

Me : Wanna know how i feel ?

Lucas : Yes

Me : Ill do anything to make myself feel pretty again

Cuz you scared me and made me forget I was pretty within
My friends told me I should of left yo ass that first time you cheated yo
I swear I should of listened cuz look you did it again

What is it? Is it cuz I ain't fit like these other bitches?
Sorry I aint perfect and thick like these other bitches!
But I did everything for you that the others didnt.
I was even there when your family was acting different

And I still got cheated on....
I guess I wasnt pretty enough.
I bet she had bigger tits and a Brazilian butt.
I was already insecure, now I just feel shitty as fuck !

Got me looking in the mirror
Trynna analyze my figure
Telling myself ill never be good enough for no man.
So I dont love no man.
Know why i dont trust no man ?
Cuz even my father left my life I couldnt trust no man !!!

Damn but you I cared for you
I was always there for you.
When life was looking bold i was always here for you.
Shed a couple tears for you.
Made a couple prayers for you.
Hoping that you would change one day.
But naah, you never did.
And you never will.

You just love getting around like a ferris wheel.
Destroying my self - esteem , and you aint care how I feel.
What you find in them bitches anyway ?
Whats the big deal ?

I completely changed from that shit
My heart cold noe and you the one I blame for that shit.
My next relationship ?
I promise ill be trained for that shit.
Cuz now im thinking like a nigga so I dont get played like a bitch.

Lucas : But we can fix this ! -

Me : Nah nigga its to late for that shit !
I lost myself
Been smokin more
Drinkin again
Partyin every night
Randomly sleepin wit men.
Cuz I just wanna fucking feel pretty again

After that last part a few tears rolled down your cheek. You got up to get Asia and you left


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Song | J.Jon ~ Pretty Again

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