0. The Separation

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Out of the nest, two civilizations were born.

The High Deities, the original weavers of all that exists and thrives on land and sea, lived amongst themselves in Kalangitan. Bathala is supreme, and with him are the gods and goddesses that oversee the different aspects of the universe.

The Folk are creatures of the Folk World, their bloodlines drawing from one of the twelve ancient tribes unique in culture, language, and power. These tribes thrive in peace and respect, with rules set upon by the leaders that speak for their communities.

But of all the tribes that thrived within the Folk World, it was the twelfth tribe — Tao — that drew the attention of the High Deities.

How Bathala loved the people, their songs and dances, their talents, and their ability to create delicious dishes out of the fruits of the land and sea. Of all their qualities, Bathala loved how their expansive mind coincided with their innate weakness. The Tao possessed a body protected only by a layer of flesh and four limbs to walk and handle their tools. They did not possess special abilities as that of the other tribes. Their beauty was never alike, and their songs could soothe even the angriest of gods.

The rest of the High Deities enjoyed the company of and reverence by the members of Tao that traveling from Kalangitan to the Folk World became regular practice for them. But this love did not go unnoticed, for it angered the rest of the tribes and convinced them to banish the Tao from the Folk World. Unable to protect and defend themselves, the Tao took to the Eastern path towards the tip of the continent, exiled forever.

The High Deities had no say or power over the makings and becomings of the Folk World, so Bathala picked up mounds of earth, sealed it with his breath, and created Earth. Divided from the Folk World forever, Bathala set down a line of beads that served as the Silang Border, a line of protection that would prevent conflict from occurring again.

The Tao rebuilt their cities and established their tribe once again. They explored and took over forests, seashores, and highlands vast and beautiful in sight. Their population grew in years, their memories of their turbulent history passed onto the new generations. In time, the presence of the High Deities and Folk World became songs of Myth, legends of old.

In time, the gods begun to revisit the Tao. On the other side, new members of several Folk tribes sought the thirteenth tribe by coming into contact through disguise and stealth. But the Tao have forgotten their existence, and with new weapons and a lack of belief, they attacked and killed all that were not of their kind. Their separation from the Folk World have dried up what drop of Folk blood is left in their veins. 

But the weaving of stories remains where theTao would create myths, tales, and legends out of such encounters. Thus the ancient connection between the three races remain steadfast and silent over the years.

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