Soo-won's Secret

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"I hate her." I say.

And I did. I hated Yona and I finally said out loud to someone, and it felt great.

"I'm not going." I say very abruptly.

"I need you there Meissa." He says softly. Soo-won never spoke harshly.

"I'm not going!" I say as I cross my arms in a fit of anger.

I hated Yona and I refused to go to her birthday party. And not only did I hate Yona, I hated her father. He was a coward and she was a brat.

And not only was she a brat, she always stole Soo-won and Hak from me. I was alone when it came to Yona, but that's how it was. Either you played with her or you were on your own.

This was partially why I took up training with general Mundok, and how I met my only friend Hak. Hak and Soo-won were all I had and yet when Yona was around, it seemed I was all I had.

"But Meissa-"

"I have no reason to go, so therefore I won't."

"Meissa, I need you there!" He says sternly.

I was taken aback with his tone. I had never heard him speak like that, and not only that, he raised his voice.

"What's going on Soo-won?" I ask.

"I'm planning something and I need you to be there." He says hinting at something.

I knew that was all I was going to get from him and it did sound like he knew something dangerous was going to happen, and I refused to let him anywhere near danger without my protection.

"I'll go, but you're not allowed out of my sight."


"What? You don't want me to get in the way? It's too dangerous for me?" I question. I was definitely angry, but I always had the ill temper. "Soo-won, I'm stronger than you! I've done nothing but train my whole life so that I could protect you and avenge Father, so you better have a perfect reason as to why I would dare let you out of my sight while you are in the company of a murderer!"

"Because I know what I'm doing. Do you trust me?" he asks.

"Of course I do, but-"

"Do you trust me?" He says.

I pause. At any other moment I would have agreed in a heartbeat, but something was up. He was keeping a secret, something that wasn't usual when it came to the two of us. I told him everything with the utmost honesty, hoping he would do the same. And now here we were, him hiding something clearly important, and I confused and heartbroken that the one person in my life couldn't confide in me, yet wanted me to do something out of my comfort zone.

So did I trust him? No, or at least not this moment I didn't.

"Yes, I trust you." I lie, something that was a first for me.

"So will you accompany me to Hiryuu Castle?"

"Yes." I say curtly, my blood still boiling from my anger towards him.

He smiles an angelic smile, "Arigatō, Meissa!"

"When do we leave?"

"Soon so please go get ready."

I bow and exit the room to go prepare myself, making a list of essential items that I would need to protect myself and Soo-won. I knew something was going to happen wen we got there, I just didn't know what. But whatever it was I would be ready for it.

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