Ch.10 a Mothers Tears

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I walked into to see my mom with the coffe table in her hands and my dad trying to pry it out of her arms.

"Momma," Liam asked dad saw us come In and growled when he saw Anthony, I giggled and tried again

"Momma were are my mommy," I asked Lexi was feeling uneasy, about my mom demonic side out. If your a pure bred Vampire like my mom and grandad and Anthony they have a demonic side, like I have Lexi but their Demonic sides are evil and can only be calmed by their mates by touching and by the looks of it my dad wouldn't be touching her for a bit. Harry was nervously shifting from side to side. His vampire wanted to submit by the looks of it. I finally grabbed my moms hand and looked into her onyx eyes and prayed to the moon goddess that it would calm her a bit in-till my dad could wrap his arms around her.

"My love you really need to calm down or I will," my dad whispered huskily my mom purred at that I wanted to throw up but if it calmed her down to where it won't scare Melanie we should be fine, "and beside you have to meet some of our children's mates" and that's when my mom snapped out of it.

"Oh I'm so sorry," she began to blush I giggled he looked like a 19 year old sometimes,

"Mom this is Melanie, my mate and the future Luna," my brother stated proudly, while he tugged he from behind him watching mom wearily, Melanie was staring cautiously at her but cracked a shy smile, My mother beamed and went to hug her.

"Nice to meet you Luna,"Melaine bowed her head in respect,

"No no none of that sweetie, your my daughter in law and hopefully you'll like to shop since Persephone doesn't bother with it, she more of a fighter because of my mate their," she said glancing at my dad he laughed and hugged me

"And I wouldn't change my choice for the world," he stated and kissed my four head.

"Um daddy, mom, this is my mate," I said sparing a glance towards Anthony and he was smirking but held his hand out towards my dad,

"Pleasure to meet you Alpha Del Luna," Anthony said I cracked a grin maybe it wouldn't be so bad. That's when my dad grunted I stiffened as long as he doesn't give ThE TALK I wouldn't die of embarrassment,

"Ah Prince Pureblood, finally a face to a name, my lovely mate was discussing some vampire politics with me and I would like to tell you before hand, if a SINGLE hair is misplaced while in the company of your bat shit crazy family I will set the blood hounds on your family and have them kill every single one of them and won't regret a thing," I shivered as my dad talked about the blood hounds my grandfather had gifted my mom and dad them as an anniversary gift and well blood hounds are a vampire defense they only follow one master and if the master dies they die, but they are one of the deadliest thing any one could use against another they are border line scary as fuck,

"I wouldn't allow my family within Arms reach around her," he said seriously at least I knew I wouldn't die by their hands, when my dad pulled the boys aside and took them all to his office,

"Oh honey we need to get you packed," my mother said I groaned ad stomped up to my room and started stuffing clothes into my suitcase. And I grabbed my large handbag and started stuffing my electronics into it like my computer and chargers. For my phone and iPod and grabbed my makeup kit and stuffed it in with my other stuff, I glanced around my room and looked at my pastel blue walls and sighed all my photos all my posters would stay here I sighed and walked out of my room tugging my things behind me, when I walked back into the living room I saw all the boys trunks and things by the door and I sighed as I saw their stuff animals. I giggled when I saw Liam's crocedilly and Harry's duck and Eric's puppy I laughed when I saw Melaine giggle at Liam's crocedilly I turned towards my mom and saw my stuffed unicorn in her arms I growled that's MINE!

"Here sweetie I knew you'd for get about Luni so I packed her before hand like I did for your brothers.' She said quietly she looked like she was going to cry, I hugged her as my brothers took our things into the hummer.., this was my first day of not being with my mo and dad , I sighed and promised my self I'd busy when we pulled away my dad holding my mom back her tears streaming down her face,

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