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Lexi's hands trembled as she rummaged through her jewelry box. Why she chose to search there first, she couldn't say. She didn't wear much jewelry, and many of the pieces had been gifts from her Uncle Z. Now that she knew who he really was, she wondered if they'd been forged in Olympus, like the gold lightning bolt pendant.

Would she even need jewelry where she was going? Did anyone dress up in the underworld? Would Hades give her gifts? Ugh.

Abandoning her jewelry collection, Lexi spun in a circle, taking in the contents of her bedroom and cataloguing eighteen years of life while the clock counted down the minutes until it changed forever. Dizzy and overwhelmed, she staggered to her bed, folding her legs under her to begin the process of rocking back and forth. It was something she did when she dealt with crazy, and this situation definitely qualified.

During her tearful goodbye with Jackie O, Lexi had to suppress the desire to jump in the saddle and ride until they were both spent. Afterwards, she locked herself in her room to cry a bit more, giving everyone the impression she was prepping for her trip to Olympus. They'd soon find out how wrong they were. Lexi glanced at her nightstand where her phone sat idle, and she reached for it, scrolling to the message she never read from James.

Heading to lacrosse practice. Just wanted to say hi.

He played lacrosse? How had that subject not come up before? Probably because her mind was focused on Hades and his poetic, golden-eyed hotness. With her stomach clenching ever tighter, Lexi read another text from James, sent a couple hours later.

I have time to talk after noon, Nova Scotia time, if you're interested.

Lexi slid the phone across the bed and rolled over, hugging her knees to her chest. What the hell was she doing? Leaving her perfect life, disobeying Zeus, father of all gods, accepting the hand of Hades, god of the underworld. All because he had given her a taste of ecstasy. How had she become addicted so quickly? Was it in her nature as a god? Could she satisfy her cravings with a mortal like James?

Hades told her if she followed him to the underworld, she could see how it suited her. That sounded like she had the option to leave if she didn't like it. Why hadn't she confirmed that with him before plotting this insane scheme? Would Zeus follow her there and drag her to Olympus anyway? What would be her punishment?

Knowing her time was short, Lexi uncoiled and pushed off the bed. She grabbed her wallet and pulled out the photo of her family, the one taken during their vacation to Scotland. She remembered the sheep. They were everywhere, and she decided they were her favorite. Would there be sheep in the underworld? Did they have souls?

She smiled at the photo, specifically her dad's face. He insisted on speaking in a thick Scottish drawl during their entire visit, which got pretty annoying, but he claimed to have had more fun on that trip than any other. Lexi shuddered as another image surfaced, the one of her dad's shocked expression when he learned the truth, and she felt a surge of anger toward her mother. Was it a one-time fling? Lexi didn't think so.

Stuffing the photo into her pocket, Lexi shook off the feelings trying to derail her from her mission. Running away with Hades was serious business. She walked to her mirror and inspected her reflection, making sure her outfit suited the underworld. She decided on her favorite jeans, softened by a hundred wash cycles. It made sense to choose comfort over elegance if they were trekking the wilderness. Would they be trekking the wilderness? Hades mentioned fields.

Maybe the gauze blouse with tiny tassels and plunging neckline was too frilly. She had done it to entice Hades more than provide protection from the elements. She had no clue what kind of weather the underworld had. How hot was it? Did it get snow? Why hadn't she thought to ask more questions? Oh, right. She was improvising, letting emotions drive her, as well as a ton of lust.

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