Chapter Sixteen

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"Welcome to Romania!" Anora said hoping off the train as Iggy rested on her shoulder. "Pretty place, isn't it? Isn't it? Charlie?"

She turned around to see Charlie looking at her.

"Ugh, Charlie, it's not going to be that bad! You like handling dangerous animals, I don't see why apparating gets your wand in a knot."

"It's not my wand, it's my stomach."

"You'll live." Anora said dragging him along to a more private area away from Muggle view.

"Ready?" she asked him.

"Not really."


With a loud crack, the small group was gone.

Charlie felt as though he was hurl the minute his feet made contact with the ground again. He bent over ready to spill out his stomach contents when Anora placed her hand on his back with a few gentle pats.

"I will never understand why you can't handle this.' she said. "Even Iggy did fine."

Iggy passed through Charlie's legs purring as if he were trying to settle the man's nerves.

"Charlie," he felt himself being poked in the side. "Charlie, Charlie!"

"What is it, Anora?" he said shooting his head up only to see that they were outside of the sanctuary. He straightened his body and stood beside her.

"I don't even know what to do." she said softly. "Like we do, just strut on in there?"

"You strut through the Forbidden Forest all the time, what makes this any different?"

"You got yourself a point, Charles."

He nudged into her as he took the leading step. Suddenly, someone appeared startling both of them.

Anora quickly grabbed onto Charlie as the peculiar looking fellow stood before them.

"Hello!" he waved with a thick Irish accent. "You must be Charlie and Anora." the man greeted.

"That's us." Charlie said.

"Sorry about startling you. I expected you two sooner."

"Well we would have been here sooner but someone-" Anora stopped as Charlie glared down at her. She cleared her throat and looked away.

"Well, I'm Greg Clarkson. And welcome!"

"Thank you."

"Come, follow me. You two must be exhausted. "

"Not really." Anora said.

"Yeah, she slept most of the way." Charlie said.

"Good! We'll get you right to work!"

Anora looked at Greg who peered over his shoulder with a smile. "Just kidding. You two will need a tour and to go through training before we start workin' ya. For tonight, we'll just get you settled in and introduce you to everyone around here."

"How many people actually work here?" Anora asked curiously.

"Let's see, there's me, Nicola..." his voice drifted off as he began counting on his fingers. He stopped. " A lot... mainly feeders though. A lot of them are just temporary volunteers that show up seasonally every year to help out. But you two...we won't be placing you as just feeders."

"What will we be doing?" Charlie asked.

"Well from what Dumbledore informed me about you two-"

"Dumbeldore!?" The two exclaimed.

"I knew it! He knew the whole time!" Anora said to Charlie.

"But how could he possibly...oh Hagrid!"

"Dumbledore always knows what's going on with his students." Greg chuckled. "He's the one who wrote your letters of recommendation."

"He did?"

"Yes, he told us all about the work you two have done in the Forbidden Forest, it's quite impressive."

Anora and Charlie exchanged glances.

All those years that they thought they were being sneaky and making their way into the forest undetected, Dumbledore was aware the entire time.

Anora chuckled.

"We should have known, nothing gets passed that man."

Greg smiled. "Come on, you guys get to meet the rest of the family that you'll be working with closely."

They followed Greg into a small hut that had a nice fire going that reminded Anora of the fireplace in the Gryffindor Common Room. When they walked in, an older blonde hair woman was sitting there munching on some food when she caught sight of them.

"Oh!" she set her snack down and walked over with her hand out.

"Charlie, Anora this is Nicola, my wife. Nicola, this is..."

"Look at you two!" Nicola's voice rang out. "Oh, you're just babies!" she squealed.

Anora's bit her tongue but kept the smile on her face.

"And your white...and so red!" Nicola ran her hands through their hair, instantly making the two uncomfortable.

"Nicola! Leave them be!" Greg scolded her. "You're about to scare them away and they haven't even seen a dragon yet."

"It's okay," Charlie said. "We're kinda used to it by now."

"I'm sorry." Nicola said. "I tend to get a bit excited especially after the caffeine kicks in for the afternoon. But I'm so glad that you two are here. I've heard good things about you two. I just didn't expect you guys to be so adorable."

Anora held onto Iggy a little too tight as she was described as adorable. Here she wanted to work with dragons and she was being called a baby and adorable, not exactly the qualities one would hope for in that line of profession.

"Are you two hungry? That was a long trip, wasn't it? I made fresh muffins!"

"Muffins?!" Charlie perked up causing Anora to roll her eyes. "What kind of muffins?"

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