secrets 91-100

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SECRETS 91-100 :

91 .   We put up a strong front, but we also get hurt easily.

92 .  We respect girls who can let us down firmly and

        clearly without beating around the bush or trying too hard to be nice.

93 .  Guys also care about clothes and shopping.

94 . Guys are also afraid of silly things, like flying cockroaches!

95 .  We’re very stubborn, but we can be open-minded if we want to be.

96 . Don’t believe those teen movies – we’re

        not always thinking about gross stuff!

97 .  We know we’re in love with you when your name

       always comes up in our conversations with other people.

98  .  We still get jealous when you swoon over Edward

       Cullen. Even if he’s fictional.

99 .   When we say we like “simple girls” it doesn’t just mean

      we like minimal makeup and low maintenance clothes.

      It also means we want you to be game for anything and easy to please.

100 .  The most attractive girls are the ones who look naturally beautiful –

       like they’re pretty without even trying.



100 GUY SECRETS EVERY GIRL MUST KNOW  ✓Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!