Chapter (27) < Connor's pov>

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Connors POV~

The water washed down my back, as I felt her sadness rip through my heart, clenching every muscle in my body. I had caused the tears I knew she was spilling. This was all because of our kiss. Ever since our kiss, which felt as if it was a lifetime ago; I now have a connection with her. Knowing when she was now experiencing pain; though I could not feel her happiness, only her sadness. Since we returned home and we were separated.

The first time I felt her sadness was when she left on the plane. At the beginning I thought it was just my own pain for missing her; getting confused with grief. But now as her sadness punched a hole through my chest- I was well aware of her pain and our connection.

A connection which she didn't feel because she wasn't of age yet- that and I hadn't accepted her as my mate nor had she accepted me because I hadn't told her- or let the feelings grow.  But I had let us kiss and our connection was a side effect of it.

Slamming my head against the white tiles in the shower; how could I have denied her for so long? I had never wanted a mate, I was lucky to know that the script was saving me time from losing her.

But now the script was gone, my safety net and time disappeared. Now I had no time to waste before I told her the truth. I no longer had the gift of time. Our time was up and I had failed and now she was left with pain.

I should have never let us share those kisses, I should have stopped it. Because now she was experiencing pain because of me- I was hurting her.

I sent a fist through the tiled wall this time; as another wave of her pain soaked my body.

I should have told her I missed her too- I should have told her how much pain I was feeling being away from her at this moment. But what good would that of caused? That was the debate I had had when I finally realized words were better left unsaid. I slid down the wall of the tiled shower, and sat among the water and broken tiles, with my head in my hands.

How could I lead a war against the women I loved? How could I send wolves out to hurt the women I would die to protect?


So I am still working on the next chapter- I know these are short, but I thought it important to add a bit of what Connor was thinking, so you guys had some insight into his actions.

Expect another upload soon

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