Part 13 😘

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( i think i should mention that i've been showing pictures of their lair in the new version but in this story they each have their own seperate rooms instead of the beds in the movie they were given.)
You were regaining your strength. You would lift small weights like 5-10 lbs just to get your blood flowing. you'd do this for 30 minutes every 5 hours. Raph was in the dojo along with Leo, Mikey and don. They had some new lessons to learn. It was boring when you did this for 30. You didn't understand why Raph enjoyed lifting weights just for the fun of it. So during this time you'd listen to music thru your wireless earbuds. It was nice that donnie made them for you. It made it allot less of a hassle to deal with all those tangles. You were sitting like a pretzel while curling your arms. After the 30 minutes was over you decided to take a nap until Raph was done; which was about 2 hours away. You buried yourself under the cold covers on the couch and was starting to fall asleep. Then a huge bang went off from the Dojo and you saw Leo walk out of the dojo all angry and tense like. He went to his room and slammed the door. Your body shuttered at the sound. You walked up to his door even though you were terrified to even knock on it but you did so anyways. He didn't answer so you knocked again. He opened the door looking like he was ready to yell at someone in particular but then he realized it was you and you kept your hand in mid air and then relaxed it. "H-hey leo. You ok?" He sighed through his nose and rubbed his neck and looked away answering "..yea." It was a long 3 seconds of silence. "Hey uh, come on in' he offered gesturing you to come in. You smile :) and went on in as he closed the door behind you. He stood in the doorway while you observed his room. you walked around a little bit around his bed and bent down to look at the colorful comic books he enjoys to read from time to time. He sat on his bed. You mimicked his motion but you were on the other side Behind him. "So you ok? What happened sounded pretty bad, especially since your the calm one." "I-uh- yea it wasnt pretty, Raph really got under my skin this time.." "Oh? What about?" you asked so casually." He was afraid to tell you what it was because Raph told him to his face that YOU were his and never in Leo's life would YOU ever be his. NEVER. EVER. "Its nothing for you to worry about." "You sure?" you asked very concerned. And a-little afraid that you even asked it. "Yea :)" he smiled. "I must confess though. I could never do what you do." You tell him. He rose a brow. "Like how your a leader and all. I could never do such a thing as well as you do. I'm actually a little jealous that your so good at it." You rubbed your neck embarrassingly. He smiled at you. Not in a normal way. Like a loving way. A way that screamed i respect you and love you. You blushed lightly and looked away. Trying to distract yourself by looking around his room instead of him. You felt hands cup your face and they turned your face to meet Leo's. You were really blushing now. He then put his lips on yours slowly and then kissed you. He moved his lips over yours as you were synchronizing with him. You put your arms around his neck as the kiss deepened. Then your eyes shot open and pulled away "W-wait this isnt right. I-i cant do this." you said as you sat on your knees looking down at his bed. He took his finger; placed it under your chin and kissed you again. Your eyes closed softly and camly. You climbed onto his knee sitting position and sat on him as he kissed you a little rougher but sweet. You put your hands on his shoulders and slid them up past his neck and you slid your left back down past his neck and stayed on his shoulder as your right hand cupped his jaw. He picked you up and he kissed you as he laid you down underneath him. His knees kept him above you as he kissed you passionately. You would rub his arms up and down softly. You felt something on your leg grow and thump against your skin. You knew where this was headed and you didnt want it to stop. He put his cold hand under your shirt and slid his hand up to your left boob. He messaged its warmth, its roundness, its tenderness. He felt your nipple grow and decided to play with it between his two fingers. He felt your moans throughout the kiss. Which made him Smirk while he kissed you. He put his hands behind your back and sat you up where you're exposed upper half met his. (He didn't really wear his bamboo chest-plate thing inside his own home. only outside.) He pulled the rest of your shirt off of you. He wanted to feel all of you. He rubbed his hands over your soft (Ivory colored skin, Ebony Skin, SunKissed Honey Skin, Amber skin, Fair Skin.) He went from your sides and back down to your thighs (Btw, you're wearing an above knee skirt.) and held your pelvis in his big strong hands and started kissing your neck. He was kissing your neck when you realized he's nibbling on you, then he bit your neck. You let out a hiss of pleasure as you threw your head back. He was enjoying seeing you like this. He kept making out with your neck as his hand slid down to your mid thigh and then back up a bit. He started to rub his thumb on your clit through your pantys. You had chills and goosebumps from this tingling pleasure. He slipped his other finger slowly into your Nature's Treasury. He pumped it in and out. Your legs spread a little wider than before. You moaned when he took his finger out and stopped. "Do you want it again? or something better?" He asked seductively. You blushed "Whats 'the better' ?" "How about you find out." He smirked as he softly laid you down on this bed him on top of you and he took his tip and rubbed it on your PinkPetals. You moaned softly. He pushed it in more and more. You threw your head back into the pillow as he entered you. He finally reached in maximum point in you and started to move. His dick was bigger than Raph's. Maybe not as fat but it was bigger. You clutched the sheets with your manicured nails. "I'm not hurting you am i?" he asked sweetly as he was still moving. You shook your head and answered "No, not at all." He smiled as he reached down to kiss your soft lips once again. You and him made out while he was doing you. He picked up his pace and started going more rougher. He held your body in his arms. Sweat was beading down your back. You weren't use to this much tension inside of you. You could feel him swell inside of you. Its as if he's getting bigger inside of you. And he was. With each swift motion you went with him. He took your body; he let his body fall ontop of his bed so that way you were on top of him. He had your tiny waist in his grasp; he used his pelvis to pump himself in and out of you which causes you to bounce on him. He had moved his hands up your sides to your breasts. He Leaned up; squished your boobs together and sucked on your nipples while he was still pounding. You moaned loudly. "L-Leo. I-i think I'm c-cu-" He smashed his mouth into yours before you could finish your sentence and he had cum inside of you. He pounded into you again and he kept cumming; pounded into you again and again and he just poured out into you. He took his dick out and you overflowed like a fountain. You could barely move. He lifted you up; put your head on a pillow on the floor; took the saturated blanket and threw it in a corner for another day and picked you up; laid you under the thin sheet. You shivered. He took the extra blanket he had in his closet and covered you with it. He slipped in the bed with you and kissed your forehead; you closed your eyes into a slumber. You woke up with a scream! And then hit your head on someone else's head and bounced back into the Couch. "oooh Babe are you ok?" raph asked sincerely as he sat on the floor in front of you. You opened your eyes again and looked at him. "OH thank GOD. it was just a dream." You hugged his neck as you sighed. "You ok? :T " He asked. "Yea yea i'm ok.." you kissed his lips in relief it was ALL only a dream. A confusing dream. You didnt know what it meant. You released Raph. "woah, what was that for?" he asked surprised. "I love you." you said as you landed your forehead softly on his. He smiled "I love you too, ShortStack." You leaned back into the couches seat and relaxed happy it wasn't real. Otherwise HUGE consequences were ahead. You saw Leo walk in and he sat down next to you. "Hey what's going on." He asked cheerfully put his arm on the backing of the couch. You scooted over in the other direction feeling as if the dream had happen; and it totally ruined what you thought of Leo. "Oh um nothing." You looked straight at him and a huge red blush applied to your face. "hey you ok?" he asked worried. "N-Nothing." He looked at you confused. And was about to ask something. "excuse me please" you said as you tucked a piece of hair behind your ear and left the couch area. "Wait what?" He asked in general to anyone near by. Raph stood up and walked behind you and hugged you around your shoulders and rested his head on yours. "what wrong babe?" He asked. "Nothing." you say cooly. "Come on. You and Leo are like buddies, which annoys Me personally but you never act that way around him. ( he let go of you and turned you around to face you.) SO are you ok?" YOu turned around to the fridge and stuffed a whole pizza slice your mouth. You turned around and pointed at your mouth and smiled small and rolled your eyes. Pretty much you were saying SORRY I GOT FOOD IN MY MOUTH SO I CANT TALK. SILLY ME. Raph crossed his arms not amused. You walked away but was pulled back by Raph grabbing your arm. Your cheeks filled with pizza made him chuckle. "You look like a chipmunk, girly." he mocked. He inflated his cheeks to look like yours. You nearly spit out your food from laughter. He smirked. You remembered how Leo smirked at you in the dream. You blushed hardcore and left the area. Raph relaxed his arms and was really confused now. *Why was she blushing* he asked himself. "I'm so confused." he said aloud. "What confuses you now?" Don asks. "Y/N is acting weird since she woke up." Don sat down at the island while shoveling cereal into his mouth. "Maybe she had a weird dream and its affecting her. Maybe a nightmare?" Raph left the room and followed after you. "YOUR WELCOME!" Don sassed as he shook his head. "Y/N!" he yelled through the lair. He was about to call you again but found you with a paper bag on your head while sitting in a corner. He walked over; kneeled down on one knee and lifted the bag off your head. You hid your face into your lap. Your knees were bent. "Y/N whats going on. Please tell me i wanna help." "..." "Y/n?" "I didnt want you to see my eat a whole slice of pizza all at once. Its really a horrible feeling of your cheeks all tight. :/ " you made an excuse up. There was NO WAY you could tell him that you dreamt of having sex with his brother. He got annoyed and of course his anger kicked in. "FINE! DONT TELL ME!!" he yelled loudly. You sat their just in shock, you'd think you would have gotten used to it but he just; his voice it just so loud and deep it can really scare someone. After for a minute you started to cry and you really didnt like crying around guys or anybody. It made you feel weak even though people always say Crying means your strong. You sure never felt that way. You walked off into the sewers and just didn't care where you went. "I just wanna forget everything. Its all so stressful!" you whispered to yourself. You trip on hardstone and in a puddle you see a card. You pick it up with your stomach still on hard ground. You pondered upon this card. you tapped it on the cold ground as you thought. You heard something so you just left the sewers. The next day...You knock on the door. A man at the age of what looked like 55 answered. He had a rumpelstiltskin liking from him. (OnceUponATime Series) Can i help you?" he asked kindly. I found this card but the name is kinda ruined. Do you know the man?" "In fact i do. I am him." He gestured his hand out to you "Eric Sacks." "Y/N :)" you smiled. "Please come in. Dont be shy." You walked into his wondrous mansion. and the door closed behind you.

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