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Today, we had P.E, Tech, Spanish, Maths and English. At Lunch, we had Tennis Club and then finally it was 4.00!

This meant Home Time! We grab our instruments from our Music Lockers and rush to M7. I think Leah may have been a bit too excited as she pulled opened her Locker door too voilently causing Storm, who was next to her door, badly hit.

"Ooops! I'm so sorry!"

"It's okay... Not! What is I have this gigantic bruise that is all blue, green and purple? People will mistake for a colourful squid!" Storm jokes, rubbing her head.

We all laugh uneasily. Someone who gets hit in the head can start acting really weird. When she seems completely normal, we just laugh again.

I take my phone out as we all listen to our Chosen song- Lucky Strike. The air is silent, taking it all in. Later, Amy, Storm and Chloe sit in the corner as they think of some raps.

I don't understand how they just create raps from scratch! When I ask them this, Amy answers,

"Well, the song is all about a guy wanting a girl, right? He thinks of himself lucky and yeah so we just carry on the song based on that. We kind of just make a small poem, fast talk it and yeah- a rap!"

I smile at her passion for this, they all seem to love it. They have really clear voices so we can hear them cyrstal clear. Unlike me, who has to be asked to repeat things time to time!

Me and the others just work on matching the song up together.

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