Chapter 10

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Lissa and I had a fun make over session, complete with gossip. However, most of the gossip was Lissa wanting to know more about Dimitri and I. She decided he was good for me and has even starting calling us "Romitri" so I started calling her and Christian "Chrissa" or "Dragozera". We sat back down with the rest of the group. "They were interrogating me," Dimitri whined. I looked over at him with both eyebrows raised, as I can't do it with one only. He took the opportunity of me facing him to kiss me on the lips.

He really was good for her. I checked their auras, only to be blinded by the supernova that was their aura. That's right, aura. As in, singular. Their auras were intwined, joined together. It hurt my eyes to look at them when they kissed. The supernova became the brightest thing in the universe. I noticed Adrian squinted his eyes, like when you walk into a bright room after being somewhere dark.
'Do you guys mind not kissing? I was blinded because of you two,' I told Rose through the bond.
"Payback," Rose mouthed at me.
'I think Adrian was also looking at your aura,'' I said.
"Why do you think that?" Rose whispered to me.
'He looked like he was blinded as well.'
"Lissa! Spin already!" Christian whined. I sighed. He is such a baby sometimes.
"Alright, alright," I said and spun the bottle. The bottle spun around for a long time, revolution after revolution, before finally stopping on...

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