25. She's Back/Confessing to the fans/Everyone knows

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I haven't edit this chapter if there are any mistakes im sorry!


-5 weeks later- 

It's been 5 weeks since we got back from our honeymoon which thank god we are back because i don't want to see Logan or mike (Layla's dad). Right now im getting dressed for school (Outfit on top) i sat on my dresser turned on the curling iron and curled my hair i put on some makeup: winged liner, and mascara. i got my bag and went downstairs and chris was already eating breakfast. 

Layla: you ready?

Chris: Yah but aren't you gonna eat anything? 

Layla: No we are gonna be late. 

Chris: we are not going until you eat something. 

Layla: I don't want anything chris. 

Chris: im not coming until you eat something. 

Layla: Fine you stubborn little shit i'll eat an apple. 

Chris: Good job! now lets go. 

i grabbed the apple and followed chris outside we both hopped into the car i'm praying to god that today is going to be good. but i know that im going to see James his ugly face! god sometimes i want to like get a rock and smash his head with it. God im sounding so dark right now i would never do that because im not a criminal but if i was i would get a rock and smash his head with it but i think the damn rock would break because he has such a big head. 

I snapped out of my thoughts by us parking at the hell hole we got out of the car and everyone was staring at us some girls were giving me death stares, some were acting all sexy or should i say sl*ty, and some were talking shit. i mean is chris that popular i see some sl*ts walking up to chris. Chris gave me the Help-me-look i gave him a smirk and let the girls touch him he gave me the death glare and gave me the I-will-kill-you-later-look. i slowly went next to chris grabbed his hand and kissed his cheek the girls were giving me the death look we walked towards the building still holding hands. after a while entering the hell hole i saw Audrey, Shawn, Ally, and Kasey i let go of his hands and went up to them. 

Audrey: Hey! wats up? 

Jake: how are you?

Ally: so how was the honeymoon? 

Shawn: Hey, we have some bad news. 

Kasey: hi. *death glare*

Layla: first Audrey hi and nothing much, Jake Good, Ally it was fun, Kasey hi, and shawn hey and what is the bad news. 

Jake: well there are 2 bad news.

Layla: then spit the damn thing out or i will go crazy! 

Shawn: umm the 1st one Jasmine is back and the 2nd one she kind of told everyone you are married to chris. so now everyone knows you two are married. 


Audrey: Layla calm down. 


Ally: Layla calm down before you kill someone. 

Layla: I SWEAR TO GOD IF ONE MORE OF YOU TELL ME TO CALM DOWN I WILL KILL YOU INSTEAD OF THAT SL*T! i looked over to Kasey she had a evil smirk i just ignored it because she is a sl*t too. 

i walked and saw jasmine shawn held me back but i told him i was not gonna do anything i walked up to her cake face. 

Layla: did someone smash your face into a cake?

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