Chapter 11

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When I woke up, Levi was tightly holding me close to him, and my new diamond tiara was set on the side table.
As I looked at it, memories of last night rushed back into my head, and I smiled. "Last night was great..." I whispered to myself. "Agreed." Levi replied, he was way awake before me. "Morning beautiful." I giggled as smiled, turning towards him.

"Morning love of my life, did you sleep well?" I asked, scrunching my nose up as I smiled. "Yes, but you need to stop doing that or I might die of cuteness!" He teased, chuckling softly.

"Oh shut up I don't even know how you find me attractive." I laughed and then he looked deep into my eyes. "Words cannot describe your are too precious for this world..." He told me softly, which made me blush. "Th-thank you!" "I'm simply telling the truth and opening your eyes a bit more my dear." He replied, giving a cheesy smile. "Oh my god stop! The feels!" I teased, and sat up, stretching. He did the same and we soon got out of bed together.

Levi declared that he was going to make breakfast, so I sighed and agreed, as long as he gave me a great hug and a kiss, which he easily did.

As he cooked breakfast, he glanced at me now and then, smiling. "You know what I realized?" He told me, turning back to look at the bacon and eggs he was making. "Hm?" "You come over here so much.....why not live here? Sell your house and live with me?" He asked with a soft smile. "You don't have too, just offering it." My eyes widened as I smiled. "Okay well I'm staying now that you mention it! How much do you think I could get off of the house?" I asked, watching him take out separate plates and putting style same amount of bacon on both plates before putting on the eggs.

"Probably a couple hundred thousand, I'd say even enough to pay for college." He placed a plate in front of me, which I thanked him for.

"That'd be great, I need the extra cash..." I murmured, yawning and eating the food Levi prepared for me. "This is good you should become a chef!" I told him. "Yeah yeah shut up...." He rolled his eyes and snorted. "No I'm serious!" I replied. "This tastes like it came out of my favorite restaurant...."

"Oh stop bluffing!"
"I am not I'm simply telling the truth!!!"

A couple days later, I packed all my stuff and moved into Levis house, but he made me flush my blades before I went into his house, which I did reluctantly. "Welcome home." He kept telling me as he helped me unpack. The whole day I couldn't help but smile. Things were finally turning up for me.

The whole weekend we spent together, and my house sold within several days, I got almost a million dollars, which was fantastic! I contributed half of my earnings to Levi to help him pay taxes, and the rest I saved up for college.

Before we knew it, time had flown by, and it was time for us to choose colleges. Levi and I chose the same one, he was going to become a chef, and myself, I was going to become (your favourite  job)! I immediately started to work hard for what I wanted, and soon I got there, with a little help of Levi of course.

"Hey levi...." I yawned, walking through the door coming back from college. It was only our second year but we were tired. "Hey..." I plopped on his couch and he did the same, and we watched movies. We often did these for many nights, which made me smile. I was glad that I was slowly crawling out of the hole that was my depression.

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