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Three women walk into this fancy restaurant, having invited a fourth woman along since she was their new neighbor and they all wanted to get to know her better. And while she went to the restroom, the other three had a seat and soon got on the subject of their sons and how they've all been so successful in life.

The first mother (a vain ebony hedgehog named Raven) said, "Did you know that my twins, Shadow and Mephiles grew up to be entrepreneurs? They've become so rich and powerful that, last week, Shadow gave their best friend a Lamborghini and Mephiles got him a Ferrari."

"Really?" raised the brow of a boojie silver hedgehog that we'll call Crystal. "Well, my boy Silver grew up and now has his very own airline. He gave his best friend a jet as a gift last Thursday..."

"Well, that's nice," Sarah, a jade green hedgehog smiled coyly. "But my pride and joy Scourge is an engineer and on top of that, he came into his inheritance a few months ago. He bought his best friend a palace out in Scotland last week, if I'm not mistaken..."

Just then, the fourth woman-- a lavender colored hedgehog-- returned and curiously asked, "So, what are you all talking about?"

"Oh, we were just talking about our sons," smirked Crystal as she sipped on a glass of only the finest champagne.

"So tell us, Aleena, what has your son done with his life?" Raven asked their new neighbor, the other two women dying to know as well so that they could silently compare their own sons to hers.

"Oh, Sonic?" she smiled as she sat and ordered a glass of wine, "Well, he recently told me that he was gay for starters, and- -"

"Your son is gay?" Sarah asked in shock, the others equally appalled though they all did well to hide it.

"Oh, Aleena, we're so sorry," Crystal said as she held a now confused Aleena's hand, giving it a 'comforting' pat, as she continued, "he must be such a disappointment for you and your husband..."

"He won't make it very far in life at that rate," Sarah said snootily, Raven nodding as she added, "I agree. I have the number to a good psychiatrist if you'd like to make an appointment for him..."

"Appointment?" she blinked before giggling in amusement, "Oh no, you misunderstand. My little Sonic is doing quite well in life, actually. Did you know that his birthday was last Thursday? And his four boyfriends are so nice to him. And his gifts from all of them were amazing. He now has a Lamborghini, a Ferrari, a private jet, and a new palace out in Scotland where they eloped to just yesterday!!"




"Oh, my god!!" Aleena gasped in shock when Raven, Crystal, and Sarah all fainted and then fell right out of their seats.

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