Thirty-three / The End

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The summer went by faster than ever and it was spent like the summer before, when I had first met my love. I spent this summer babysitting Luca like before, but this time Harry was there all the time. We were High School graduates so there was no baseball practice for him to attend anymore so my help with Luca wasn't necessarily needed all the time, but I was going off to college and I wanted to spend every breath with Harry and I missed Luca a lot too along with cooking with Anne after she got off work.

Harry and I spent the summer talking about our college plans and we both decided that we would just have to see how this first semester would go. We were both going to try to make our almost two hour distance workout and Harry would try to visit me every weekend so we were living our lives in the moment, by the minute really. Things would change day by day and so far they were going well.

My first week spent at New-bern University was quite stressful needless to say. I expected it being a freshman in college and being two hours away from home. I called Harry every single night to tell him about my day and he would do the same with me. I missed him a lot although it had only been a week, I missed everyone. I missed my home more than I ever thought I could, but I didn't want to leave. I was already enrolled, my dorm-mate was as sweet as she could be. Her name was Rose and her hair was dyed red to match her name which is what she told me.

Her makeup was always flawless. It was more than I would ever wear, but she made it look really good. Her clothing was different than mine. Her body was thicker than mine and her clothing was really expensive looking. Even her side of the room looked nicer than mine honestly.


I missed Anna with every inch of me. It had been a week without her and I felt lost without her. Although we kept in touch every night for hours at night, I still felt the same as I did whenever I had lost her the first time, but this time I didn't lose her, I was just lost without her presence. It was what I needed. It was what I needed to breathe. It was what I needed to keep going so I visited her over the weekend and I realized that something had to change. She either needed to come back home or I had to move closer.


"Something has to change, baby." Harry says as I remove my shoes and I glance up at him lying in my bed of the dorm.

"What do you mean?" I give him a confused look.

"I mean, I miss you back home. I don't like going without you during the week. I miss your presence." He says and I can't help, but climb up next to him and lay right beside him and peck him on the cheeks.

"I love you so much. I just don't know what you want me to do." I respond.

And the next day when I had woke up, Harry was gone.

I didn't know if that was a sign that he had decided that he didn't want to spend a week without me so he decided not to even try, but I climbed out of bed expecting him to maybe be in the bathroom, but he wasn't and I couldn't ask Rose because she was gone all night and still wasn't back to the dorms.

So I used the bathroom and waited a little while for Harry to hopefully show up until finally I had called him.

"I was waiting on you to ring," He says sweetly which throws me off.

"Yeah.. Where are you?" I ask suspiciously.

"It's a surprise, but I will be back in the dorm in less than ten minutes. I love you." He hangs up the phone.

I get dressed and await on his appearance. My makeup was finished and I was dressed in black leggings, my keds, and a baggy gray T-shirt with the school logo on it.

When Harry finally arrived back at the dorms, he suggested I ride with him to his last location so he could show me what the surprise was.

And I loved it.

"It's ours if you want it." He says when I step inside.

"When?" I ask.

"Today, tomorrow. When do you want it?" He asks.

"Oh, now!" I say excitedly as my eyes scan the living room of the small apartment. It was small, but it was the perfect size for us. The walls were a solid white color and the floors were stone, we would definitely need rugs for sure.

The bedroom was a decent size and the walls were white also except for the main wall with no windows was brick and it was beautiful.

The bathroom wasn't too small nor too big, it was the perfect size and beautiful. The kitchen was lovely as well. Down the hallway was a small room with no door, but would be perfect for a study room area, I would need it I'm sure.

"Well, let's get signing, baby!" Harry says.



I never expected to be moving in with my girlfriend who I've only known for a year and a few months, but I don't regret a thing about it. I love Anna with all of my heart and moving into this place made me feel a lot more better than being in Wallace without her. Our parents both supported us along the way and the day we moved in they all helped us. Our apartment was only ten maybe fifteen minutes from the college Anna was attending and I eventually got a job here working as a medical secretary.

It wasn't the best job, but I enjoyed it and it was a good job considering I didn't attend college this semester. Although next semester I was definitely heading towards the medical field.

So, needless to say, my life with Anna turned out amazing and I was ecstatic to see what the future held for the both of us.


I could see kids in our future, but that would have to wait.

The End.


I HOPE YOU ALL ENJOYED THIS STORY. I eventually got bored with it like I do with most of my stories, but those of you who continued to read it through every single chapter, props to u (props?) bc u rock and you're a damn good reader if you read this crap. i love you all though. tysm to lei and ce for everything u guys have done for me. i probably would've just dropped this story if it werent for you two.

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