~Chapter 4~

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Tara's point of view

It was after gym class. I was still in the shower. Not that it matter. I was allowed to stay here for as long as I wanted since it was lunch next. I decided that it was time to get out, so I turned off the hot water of the shower, and slowly got out. I spotted Sierana. She was beautiful. Her long, luscious blonde hair fell down to her skinny waist. Her butt was nice and plump, and her boobs were a size D. She was absolutely beautiful. Her bright green eyes, ran over my body as mine raked over hers. She was so sexy.

I peeled my eyes reluctantly away from the goddess standing in front of me, and I turned around to face my lockers door. I noticed out of the corner of my eye, that she had wandered to the door, and I heard the flick of a lock. I narrowed my eyebrows in confusion. What the hell was she doing? She didn't have any of her clothes on yet. What the hell was she doing at the-

My thoughts were interrupted when I felt someone's chest pressed firmly against my back. A hand snaked around my belly, and slowly made its way up to my breast, where it just stayed there, holding my boob delicately.

"Hello, baby." Sierana whispered into my ear. Her voice was ragged and raspy. It was extremely sexy. "Do you wanna have some fun?" She asked. She kissed my neck. She instantly found my sweet spot, and she sucked on it mercilessly. I moaned a "yes" and she chuckled into my neck.

I was extremely damp, and I knew it was starting to run down my leg. This was bad. Sierana had a big effect on me. She started rubbing my nipple, and her other hand reached down, and started rubbing on my thigh, teasing me. I moaned again. "Are you ready?" She whispered huskily.

"Ready for what?" I replied breathlessly. Her hand travelled to my vagina, and she pulled my slits apart, and plunged her two fingers inside.

I let out a gasp at the sudden sensation. She twisted and twirled her fingers inside me, while her other finger rubbed my nipple. I moaned, and groaned. I was a complete mess. But it felt so good. This girl was a goddess with her fingers.

She sucked on my sweet spot once again, and she earned a deep moan from me. Holy crap. I was close. She hadn't even been pleasuring me for that long.

"Oh baby, don't hold back. I want you to cum for me." She whispered sensually in my ear. Her hand moved down my stomach and I whimpered as my breast suddenly felt extremely cold. My whimper was quickly replaced my a moan as her hand reached down and touched my clit. She started to rub that spot as her fingers pounded in and out of me.

"Holy fuck." I breathed.

"Scream for me." She whispered as she pinched my clit and thrusted her fingers up into me hard. It sent me over the edge.

"Sierana! Oh fuck!" I yelled. She didn't stop fingering me, until my orgasm was done.

"Come with me honey." She said sweetly as she lead me into the private bathroom. "I'm not allowed to be in here." I said.

"You are now. I choose who comes in here, and no one else is good enough. She shut the door behind me. There was a massive spa in here. "How did the school pay for this?" I asked.

"The school is run by my family, and my family are rich." She replied.


"Yes." She replied. "Now go lay over there." She ordered sternly pointing to a soft object that looked to be a small bed.

"Yes." I replied. I walked over to it and layed down on my back.

"Are you ready?" She asked. I nodded then replied, "yes."

"Good." She replied with a wicked look in her eyes.

She waltzed over to me, swinging her hips as she went. She straddled me. Over vaginas were touching each other. She started to grind them together. The sudden friction made me gasp. I started to rub myself on her, as she grinded on me, trying to create more friction between us. This was a new feeling, but it was a great sensation.

Sierana started to speed up, and so did I. The sound of skin slapping together quickly filled the room, along with our moans and groans. Holy shit this was good. Both of us got faster and faster, until we couldn't take it anymore. The sensation was overwhelming. The sticky, wet, hot feeling of our vaginas rubbing together was just pure amazing. We both came. We both came hard. Both of us screamed the others name and other words as both of us kept grinding to get our orgasms to last longer. We sat their for a while panting, until there was a knock on the front door of the gym lockers main bathroom. "Get out of the shower Tara!" It was Comet's voice, "I've been waiting ages for you!"

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