Chapter 2

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(Anna's P.O.V)

I meet Arianna outside her classroom and we walk to second. Once we get in the class we sit up in the front. Than Nate walks in and goes to sit in the back of the class with some of his friends. "Welcome class, I am Mrs Parker. I will be your English teacher, I am going to be putting you in to partners using a random poll." She says facing the class smiling. "I wonder who we will get partnered with." Arianna whispers to me. "I just hope it's anyone but him" I say whisper as the teacher picks up her iPad. "Okay class I have chosen your parents for the school year." She says looking at the class. "I hope we get to be partners." I whisper to Arianna as the teacher starts naming off partners. After a few minutes everyone has there partners and Arianna's partner is some kid named Brett. Out of all people in this class I end up getting stuck with Nathan. "Just great." I mumble under my breath. "It will be alright it's not like your going to sit by him in all classes." Arianna says to me before moving to her new seat.  Nate comes and sits next to me. The teacher hands out the assignment and Nate pulls out his phone and I get lost in thought.

I did't always hate Nate in fact he was my best friend. Back in the begging of high school it was Arianna,Nate,Hunter and me all starting high school and Nate wanted to fit in more than any of us. So he started hanging out with a group of kids who would always get into trouble. He acted like this for a long time time so I always thought he would stop but he never did so I started avoiding him and hated him ever since. He knows I don't like him at all that why he dose't talk to me and I want to keep it this way. I snap out of my thought and look at Nate, he fell asleep. I work on the paper till the bell rings, once I finish I write my name and his. The bell rings, I stand up grabbing my backpack and setting the paper on his desk for him to turn in. On the way out I hit the top of his for him to wake up and walk out to Arianna. We walk to 3rd, which is PE so we go to the gym. 

Once we wait for Hunter to get here so we just talk about random stuff. Hunter walks in with Nate and they walk over to us. "Okay class line us on the white line." The teacher says walking in. We all go line up and Nate stands next to me and Hunter on the other side. I move away from him and go stand by Arianna. "Class i am your PE teacher Mr.Hill, you will have to be in groups of four, I will be putting you in them so stay in line." He says then walks to get his clip board. "I'll be right back." Nate says than walks to three of his friends in the corner of his room. "Hope he gets put with them." I say. Mr. Hill looks over to them and walks to them, After a minute or so the three boys walk out and Nate walks back to us. "Look like I am with you guys now." He says standing by Hunter. I roll my eyes and Nate look over at me. "Someone isn't to happy with this now is she." He says smirking. "How about you do us all a favor and shut up." I say. "Feisty are we now." he says and Hunter hist his shoulder.  "Okay now that you have your group go walk laps for the rest of the class." Mr. Hill says and walks outside. We all start walking and Nate walks ahead to a group of girls flirting with them. "You two just can't get along anymore huh?" Hunter asks. "No, we can't. " I say. This is gonna be a long school year.

*7th period*

I walk to 7th, finally the last class of the day then I can go home and rest. I get to the class room and Nate was talking to some girls in the front row. Since this was a 12th grade elective class there where only like twelve people. "Okay class please take a seat." The teacher says walking to the front of the class. I go sit in the back away from Nate who is still flirting with the girls. "Hello class my name is Mrs. Toledo and this is music class!" she says with a cheerful tone. I look around the class room and see a lot of instruments, microphones, and a whisper booth for student to record songs or instruments if they wanted to. 

"Now for this class you need a partner, I will be picking based of last names." Mrs.Toledo says picking up some papers off her desk. Since there are not so many people most people get there friends because there last names start with the same letter of are close. I end up getting stuck with Nate, just great. "Now class please go sit next to your partners as I get the power point ready." The teacher says walking to her desk and siting down. I look over and Nate grabs his backpack and sits next to me. We don't talk for the rest of the class as Mrs.Toledo tells us about the class and her self, Nate looks over to me and pokes my shoulder. "What do you want." I whisper looking at him. "Looks like you me are stuck together in all our classes huh." he says then winks at me. "Sadly yes, and don't ever wink at me again." I say crossing my arms. "Aw we should get to know each other if we are gonna be partners." He says then scoots his chair closer to me and puts his arm around me. "Never again." I say then push him out of his chair. He gets up and sits back down and stops talking to me for the rest of the class time. The bell rings and I pick up my bag and walk to the parking lot to meet Hunter.

 "Hey how was the first day?" He asks me as we walk to the car. "Well I am stuck with Nate for all my classes so bad." I tell him the getting in the car. He did't seem to hear me because he was busy looking at the school exit. "I need to tell you something..." He says standing outside the car waiting for someone. "What is is?" I ask putting my seat belt on. Before he could answer I look out the window and see Nate walking over here. "Hey Nate." Hunter says and waves to him. "Hey Hunter." Nate says waving, Then Hunter opens the back door and Nate climbs in. Hunter get in the car then starts it up. "Nate is going to live with us!" Hunter tells me. I can tell by the look on his face he is very excited about this and I did't want to ruin it for him. "How awesome I can't wait." I lie to Hunter. I hate lying to him but I don't want to make him upset. Hunter smiles and starts to drive home, I closes my eyes and whisper to my self. "This just sucks."


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