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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 04

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When I had the feeling of being watched, my eyes shot wide open.  Looking around, I saw that Gaara was on the on the other side of the couch I had been sleeping on.  He was watching me closely.  I jumped up and had a pillow covering my body.

"What the hell, what are you doing here?"  I asked as I dropped the pillow.  He looked at me calmly.

"Kakashi called me to come and guard the house."  He said calmly.  I searched his face, but found no emotions.  I nodded my head and smiled at him.  He looked shocked, but he hid it again.  I giggled softly at this.

"Wow, you can hide your emotions, who are you trying to keep out of your heart?"  I asked as I dropped the pillow and started walking towards him slowly.  He staggered back at first.  I stopped in front of him, leaned in, and smiled at him.  "See, if you open up to people, they get to learn the true you."  I got out of his face.

I walked into the kitchen quietly while Gaara recovered from my little speech.  When I inspected the contents of the fridge, I found absolutely no food.  Figures.  The pantry turned out to have the same contents, air.  With a groan, I closed the cabinet and smiled at Gaara, who was standing behind the cabinet door. 

"What do you usually do, I don't want to ruin your day."  I walked back into the living room.  Gaara followed me, but at a little distance.

"Nothing."  He said as I sat down on the couch.  A thought occurred to me suddenly. 

"I know, if you don't mind, we can go swimming!"  I popped off of the couch.  Gaara jumped back at my sudden movement. 

"Fine, but I have to go get my bathing suit."  He said as he calmed down.

"Let me go get mine on, and then we'll stop by your house and get yours!"  Without another word, I ran into my room.  Before he could follow me in, I slammed the door and locked it.  I stripped down and got on my swimming suit and put my normal clothes back on to cover it up.  After unlocking the door, I burst through it, yelling, "Come on!"  Grabbing Gaara’s hand, so he couldn’t escape, I ran out of the house, pulling my body guard along behind me.  Turning down streets left and right, I felt like a secret agent.  That was before I realized that I had no clue where Gaara lived.  He got an anime sweat drop.  "You should probably lead the way to your house.”  He did a semi anime drop, but caught himself at the last second.  With a sigh, he took the lead and pulled me down a few more blocks.  The house in front of me was huge!  If only I was a foreigner, I would get an awesome house too.  The inside turned out to be just as pretty and huge and Gaara dragged be across the slick floor. 

"Gaara, I didn't think that you'd be back so soon!"  Temari said as Gaara paused to take a break in his tugging.  With a loud squeal, she constricted me with her arms in a form of a harsh hug.  “Hachi, what are you doing here?"  I patted her back, trying to signal for her to let me breathe air. 

"Well, I'll tell you if I can breathe!"  My voice can out more like an old man’s, dry and wheezing.  With a nervous chuckle, she released me from her vice and I returned her chuckle with a smile, a half-hearted and half-lunged smile.  "We were going to go swimming, want to come?"  The tone of my voice was getting better, but it still sounded like I was going to cough up one of my lungs and keel over at any second.  Gaara disappeared down one of the many halls.

"Swimming?!"  Kankuro asked as he ran into the room from another room.  Unsure, I nodded my head slowly.  He did a little victory dance, but Temari hit him over the head as he began to go into disco moves.  The sight of old school being brought out and then punished helped a giggle escape me.  Gaara walked out of his room with swimming trunks on and what appeared to be a normal shirt.  Temari and Kankuro ran into their rooms and they appeared after a minute.

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