Chapter Ten

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Roman POV

I sit Polly down the minute we get home.

"Listen baby, I'm really sorry, I want you to make up with your sister. It was my fault, I shouldn't have drank with her otherwise it wouldn't have happened. Blame me, not her, I thought I could sleep with her and forget about you. We were just trying to forget our troubles, not hurt you in a million years, I love you and our babies more than life itself and I hope you find it within yourself to forgive us both." I kiss her forehead and run my fingers through her hair. "I have a meeting at the clubhouse, I'll be home late. Call me if you need anything." I give her a quick peck on the lips and walk out the door with my motorcycle keys in hand.

Polly POV

I let him kissed me because I missed his touch.

I can't hate him, I definitely need him in my life for the babies. I just can't believe my sister did that to me. She knew how I felt about him, she knew how much I loved him and how much he hurt me when he left me, but she didn't give a shit. She was only thinking about herself.

Now that I realized she's always been like that.

In our freshman year of High school she dated the guy I had a huge crush on knowing I liked him. Later that year I caught her talking behind my back to her cheerleader friends and I forgave her. She made out with my boyfriend in my junior year of high school and said he came on to her and I stupidly believed her. She never cared about my best interest, it was always about her.

As I was deep in my thoughts, someone knocked on the door.

I opened it without looking and there stood Molly.

I let her in and she sits on the couch looking uneasy.

"Why did you really do it?" I asked standing with my arms folded glaring at her.

"It was a mistake." She says.

"I don't believe you, I'm looking back throughout my high school years and you done nothing but treated me badly and you still do, everything has been lies with you so I'm going to asked you one more time and I want the fucking truth, why did you fuck the guy you know I was still in love with?" I snapped.

She's silent for a long time.

"Fine, I fucking envy you. I wanted to know what it felt like to get something you had. I was happy when he left you because I felt like you never deserved him in the first place." She glares at me.

I didn't say anything just looked at her with pure disgust.

And she continues "You don't even deserve those fucking babies. You know I wished he was drunk enough to forget the condom and that would've taught you a lesson. Me and you both having his child would've fucking crushed you. And I would've been happy because you don't deserve him." She gets up in face and pushes me on the couch before I have time to react just as Roman comes barreling in and shoves her up against the wall with his hand firmly around her throat.

"Do not put your hands on my woman ever again." He growls scaring even me.

"I thought you left." I whispered looking down.

"Meeting was canceled so I turned back around." He says not taking his eyes off of Molly. "Now I want you to apologize for everything that just came out your mouth." He says.

"I'm sorry." She says her eyes wide in fear.

"Do not ever come back around here. You understand?"

She nods and he lets her go. She sprints past us and out the door.

He finally turns towards me with anger in his eyes.

"Are you okay?" He asks and I just break down and he takes me into his arms.

He lets me cry on his chest until I'm finally cried out.

"Are you okay now?" He asks and I shake my head no.

"How could my own sister hate me?" I asked feeling like my heart is heavy in my chest.

"She's just jealous, you're a way better person than she is. And she's wrong you know." He says pulling back and looking at me.

"Wrong about what?" I asked.

"That you don't deserve me. It's me who don't deserve you." He says and kisses me and I don't pull away this time, instead I kiss him back with need.

He pulls away and looks me in the eye.

"This can't happen tonight." He sighs.

"Why?" I asked confused.

"You're hurting, I just want to hold you tonight, is that okay?" He asks.

I nod and allowed him to lead me to the bedroom.

I changed into my pajamas and Roman stripped down to his boxers.

I climbed into bed waiting for Roman to join me. He pulls me against his naked chest.

"I love you. Always." He kisses my forehead.

I don't respond, I just cuddle up to him and fall asleep.


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