Summer Storms

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"Welcome to London, where summer storms ruin perfect sunny days," Ben laughed as thunder echoed through the sky. The dirt road used my head as an umbrella from the massive raindrops that steadily fell from the sky. I was still covered in thick mud from the swamp, but the rain had begun to make it runny and thin.

"I don't understand why everybody should love blue skies and sunshine so much. Rainy days are the days when I feel most inspired. There's nothing better than the smell of the air and the sound of the rain drops. And the cool feeling of the breeze is the best of all. I'd choose rain over sun any day," I said, stretching my hands out to feel the tears of the grey sky.

"You're full of it, you know?" Ben teased. "Completely full of it."

"Oh shut up, Ben. Everything I say is wrong, isn't it?"

"Not everything. Just most things," he laughed.

"You're both wrong," Will interrupted.

"Oh really? If rain isn't the best, and sun isn't the best, then what is?" Ben stopped resting his hands on his hips.

"The day after a storm. It isn't raining at all, but it's cold. Very cold. But not that bitter sort of cold. The brisk, fresh kind of cold. The sun is peaking through the clouds and and the little light that shines through is very warm. But it only peaks through in certain places. The rest of the sky is cloudy still. Gray clouds. But not all the same shade of gray. Some are light and some are fiercely dark. And all the clouds begin to separate into faint wisps by sunset and the sun paints everything with a faint orange and pink taint. It'll be like that tomorrow," he paused, looking directly at me.

"And don't blink, you might miss it." Our eyes slowly met and for a brief minute, I couldn't think straight. I was lost somewhere in his eyes. We communicated in a way that nobody else could possibly understand. We both had something to say, lingering on the tips of our tongues, but we were both too afraid of ruining this fragile, beautiful moment. I felt as though we were moving closer to each other, but very, very slowly. It would be unnoticeable to anyone watching but I felt as though we both subconsciously leaned closer to the other. It was the sort of moment that I would think about for weeks, though it only lasted 5 seconds. If I was afraid of blinking and missing anything, it was not the sights of tomorrow. It was right now.

Cough, cough.

We both turned suddenly to see Ben standing beside us awkwardly. Will cleared his throat and moved away from me. Ben shot me a look and I blushed slightly. None of us said anything making the situation even more uncomfortable.

"Alice! You cannot be serious!" my mother's cry rescued us from the awkward silence. I looked to see her standing at the end of the dirt road, still a little ways away from us.

"What?!" I yelled in response.

"I told you this morning not to wear your white dress! God knows where the three of you run off to everyday, but you always end up covered in some sort of mess when you come back," she yelled as we walked towards her.

"It's my fault, ma!" Ben chimed in. "Scared her so she fell into a swamp, I'm afraid."

"Well good Lord, when will you ever grow up, Ben?"

"When I have to," he responded with a little sigh.

We approached my mother and she grabbed hold of my arm.

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