Joey's POV:

I put the finishing touches on Shane's face, making sure to pay special attention to his hair and the way it swooped. "It's all about the hair flip". I heard Shane say inside my head. Shane. He was so... Perfect. I flipped back in the book to previous drawings of Shane. How could I capture his beauty on a sheet of paper?

"Hey Joey?" I heard a familiar voice and flung the book across the room.

"Hey Shane?" I stammered back.

Shoooooot. I forgot I had called him over.

"So... Can I come in?" He asked.

"Yeah just a sec...." I said as I covered the book with my pillow. "Yeah. Yeah come on in."

Shane walked in handsome as ever. Hands in his pockets, his hair swooped to the left side today. He wore a red shirt and blue jeans. I got up and hugged him. Gosh I never wanted this hug to end. I just wanted to hold him forever. But I knew I couldn't. I knew his heart was already locked. And Lisa has the key. Shane's straight, I told myself sternly as I pulled away from the hug.

"So what's up?" Shane asked. "Are we doing a Shoey segment?"

His eyes lit up slightly.

"Uh... Sure." I said smiling warily. "Why not."

I kept my mouth shut to the real reason I invited him. To tell Shane I was gay. For him.

" I'll get my camera." I ran out of the room to get my camera and lights.

Shane's POV :

Joey ran out of the room to get the camera. I sighed. Why did I suggest we did a Shoey segment. Shoey wasn't even real!!! But I wanted it to be so much! Why couldn't I just tell him? I imagined it:

" Hey Joey, um listen you turned me gay. I secretly broke up with Lisa two weeks ago for you. So wanna be gay together?"

"Oh my god." I whispered to myself flopping down on the bed. My head hit something. Something hard. I reached under his pillow. A notebook. I flipped through it quickly. Joey drew anime..... Woah he was really really good! Wait was that me? Aw that's so sweet! Joey drew an anime of me! And another. And another. And another. And another. Woah was this whole book me!? No Shane. I said giving myself a mental slap in the face. This could be anyone! This could be Ellen Degeneres! Yeah! that's it. Joey's just obsessed with Ellen. Besides....... I thought to myself as Joey walked in the room.... Joey's straight.