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***Persy p.o.v

We walked into my house, Anthony walking behind me Liam and his mate walking behind us talking quitely I smirked as I saw Harry and Erick envious stare, 'don't worry boys when you find your mates you will be happier than anything' I told them in the family mind link the smiled softly at me,

'Your happy with your mate?' Harry asked

'No comment' and I shut my link up was I happy with Anthony? I know I barley met him but I love the physical aspect it's just the overpowering part that I have a problem with, I'm the Alpha's daughter and the Vampire King's granddaughter and the first Princess Daughter I will have a problem with some one a bit weaker than me trying to rein me in. I sighed when I heard my mom screaming and yelling I sighed and looked at Liam he put our future Luna behind him and held onto her hand. I tapped on the door

"Momma?" I asked when my mother goes into her rages we like to act innocent with her. "daddy?" I cAlled out then I heard a sigh an some mumbling

"Come in sweetie," and my aunt opened the door she looked like she had been crying. I walked into the remains of the living room. And gasped at what I saw,



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