Chapter 11

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“Love and Lies”

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Chapter 11 

It was so quiet and incredibly warm Trina thought contentedly to herself as her body struggled to rouse. The last thing she really wanted to do though was move away from the blessed cocoon of heat she was currently swaddled in. 

But, after laying there for several minutes a pressing need in her bladder began to make itself known and she no longer had a choice in the matter. 

She needed to get up and answer Mother Nature’s urgent call or else she was going to end up pissing all over herself. Something she hasn’t done since she was all of four years old.

Forcing her sleepy eyes to open, it took her a good minute to acclimate herself to unfamiliar surroundings. As the room came into sharper focus, she started to panic. She certainly wasn't in her old room at her mom’s house. Nothing around her seemed familiar at all. 

With the early morning’s rays of sun just making their way through the window she could make out that most of furniture in the room was definitely masculine. The walls were painted in shades of brown and beige and she noticed an over-sized oak dresser nestled in a corner.

And then, just as the memories from last night started coming back to her in a blinding rush, she recognized the feel of a steel band pinning her against a very hard body. A body that she had the chance to get extremely intimate with several times during the night. 

Crap! She was in Trevor’s bed.

A deep, husky chuckle vibrated against her back. 

Raising her head, she peered over her shoulder and caught him staring down at her, watching her intently with amusement dancing vividly in his eyes.

“Good morning, sweetheart.” He reached down and smoothed her furrowed brow with his thumb. “Don’t you know it’s way too early to be thinking so hard?”

“I wasn’t thinking,” she protested weakly.

He lifted his brow and gave her a look that said he knew better.

“I beg to differ,” he told her, tenderly pushing her bangs back off her forehead.  “You forget I watched you for years.  I know all your little expressions and nuances, including that one. You’re thinking about something alright. Talk to me, Trina.  Please tell me you’re not regretting what happened between us last night.”

Stretching her arms over her head she let out a very un-ladylike yawn.  “Fine then,” she said, pushing herself up, slightly surprised when Trevor didn’t try to hold her there.  “I won’t tell you that then.”

Remembering her need to use the restroom she moved to get up but was quickly hauled backwards and pinned down to the bed.

Looking up, she saw Trevor’s sexy face, lined with morning stubble just inches from her own. 

Before she could speak, his mouth covered hers in a sizzling kiss that literally stole the breath from her lungs.  At first, she’d been taken off guard by his boldness and instantly started kissing him back but then as her mind worked to catch up with her body, she jerked her head back. 

“What are you doing?” she exclaimed, panting heavily.

With her head turned to the side, it gave him access to her neck.  He didn’t take it for granted.  Leaning in he started placing warm open-mouthed kisses all along the underside of her jaw causing all kinds of thing inside her body to melt into a gooey mush.

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