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Interview after interview and I still haven't found anyone I would remotely give the position as my assistant to. Each interview was as worst as the one before.

Briiiing briiiing

I felt my phone vibrate on the glass table .  It was a text message from Noah.

What do you say to the idea of me treating you out for lunch -Noah

I replied: sounds amazing

Great ill go pick you up -Noah

Noah and I were friends since childhood. Our parents had been friends since their college years so you could only imagine how excited they were when me and Noah told them we were dating 8 Years ago . Now 8 years later at the age of 25 Noah and I are still going.

I decided to call Raul and check to see if there were anymore people waiting for an interview .

"Hey Raul , are there anymore people waiting ? " I asked

"Yes ma'am" he said laughing .

"I'm going out for lunch, please tell then they can go out and eat or whatever if they want." I looked to the clock it was12:22 "I should be back by 1:10 " I told him.

"Alright , no problem" he said "is that all?"

"Yes thank you Raul" I said.

"You welcome Ms.Mason" he said before hanging up .

I heard a knock on the door.

"Come in" I said

It was Noah . I got up from my seat and gave him a hug.

"This is nice" he said as he looked around . "So there's this place around the corner they have great food I was thinking we could go there." He suggested

"Alright . You know this place better than I do " I said grabbing my stuff .

Noah worked at a law firm across the street from the GRAND offices that happened to be ran by his grandfather.

As we made out way to he elevators I noticed how women would stare at Noah. This wasnt new I was used to this. Noah was a handsome man it was only natural that women would stare.

We made our way to the little restaurant around the corner. A waiter walked us to our seats and handed us menus. The restaurant seemed nice.

I was looking through the menu , Noah took his phone out. I looked up at him .

So rude I thought .

"Do you know what you're going to order " Noah asked without taking his eyes off his phone.

"Umm yeah" I said sounding a bit annoyed .

Our waiter came by shortly and took out orders . Still Noah remained on his phone. He did not even try to make conversation.

I was feeling fed up . So I pulled my phone out at texted him.

-Look at me . Put your phone down Please -.

 I put my phone down and stared at him

A few seconds later I saw him look up, however he went back to being on the phone.

-I am doing work related stuff Olivia. Please do not start this- 

He had texted me back.

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