Chapter 6

Date: July 25th

Location: Café

Time: 10:46 a.m.

I don’t know what brought me here, to be sitting in an uncomfortable metal chair with the suns hot rays beating down on me while sipping some ice tea. The need for normalcy was definitely a factor after what happened the other night. Ugh what happened that night just brought a grimace to my face.

Once I could see clearly again I noticed I had almost everyone’s attention that went to this thing. They wouldn’t let me stand up or move because of the little scrape the firework gave me. It wasn’t even a first degree burn but the doctor insisted on wrapping it up and keeping it iced for a few days. The people who ran this chalked it up to some drunk kids accidentally lighting a firework but I knew better, not that they would listen to me.

I was given the go ahead to leave about an hour later, the Sugar Dragons did not do an encore because of what happened and that dampened everyone’s mood too. Lyla and Matt alternated who drove back home while I sat useless in the back seat. We got back to Kaunas around 1:15 a.m.

While heading upstairs to my apartment I realized that this would be the perfect time to leave, the perfect time to run away from this psycho. What I couldn’t piece together is that if Lockstar wanted to sell me why send someone to kill me?

Those thoughts made me decide to stay just a little bit longer, to think things through before I started to go through with my next plan, whatever that might be. I never made a plan B because I never thought anyone would find me here, ever. I was being too cocky; they probably had people stationed all over the world just waiting to phone in about the appearance of someone on their ‘list’.

I woke up at noon the next day and stayed in my apartment pacing and looking at my friends profiles on Facebook to see how they were doing. Sam was in full panic mode and had put up a missing persons page with my face plastered all over it, needless to say I took it down quickly. Terri hadn’t commented about my disappearance and just posted random things, I was tempted to look further, maybe check their emails, and see what was going on.

That thought made me furious. Why should we be doing something so trivial as this, be so God damn important! I wanted to do homework, I wanted to listen to Mr. Crugen’s boring lectures, I wanted to sip coffee at the Wolf’s Den, and I wanted my life back! But no they just had to take that away from me! They had to target me and sell me off like a piece of furniture on Craigslist!

I actually got some sleep that night, too preoccupied about cursing people from Lockstar to the deepest pits of hell instead of worrying about the person trying to kill me. The next morning, this morning, when I woke up I heard a shuffle. The window was open again when I had firmly closed it and the door was unlocked. I stuck my head out the window and looked around once again finding nothing but I had had enough.

“Stop being a peeping Tom or grow a pair and kill me already!” I yelled out into thin air before closing the window hoping to God no one was there to take that threat seriously.

“Marge?” I look up to see Rae looking at me worriedly. Oops. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah just,” I was struggling to make up an excuse and my arms were flailing around to help me explain a story I didn’t have yet. “The night with the fireworks I saw someone walk away after the firework hit me and I thought they were actually trying to kill me and I was being paranoid so when I heard the noise I thought you were them and the window.” I trailed off finding this excuse, while true, sounding completely pathetic.

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